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XTA Introduces Three New DP4 Series Processors

XTA Electronics added three new processors to its line of DP4 audio management systems: the DP424 (two inputs, four outputs), DP444 (four inputs, four outputs) and the DP446 (four inputs, six outputs). XTA’s DP4 Series units are designed to provide a complete package for digitally interfacing and managing integrated audio systems. The DP424, DP444 and DP446 will be available in May 2006.

Each unit features a 28-band graphic EQ, eight filters, built-in delay and multiple 48dB crossover slopes. Inputs and outputs feature gain control, while the outputs also feature polarity switching, highpass and lowpass filtering, delay and up to nine filters. Any input can be routed to any combination of outputs, plus all ins and outs can be phase-adjusted in two-degree steps. The crossover offers a choice of three filter types (Bessel, Butterworth and Linkwitz-Reilly) and 6, 12, 18, 24 or 48dB per octave roll-off. Two-stage RMS and Clip/D-max limiters are available, with look-ahead for the Clip limiter attack time.

Digitally, the DP4 Series supports internal sample rates up to 96 kHz, and can accept external sample rates to 192 kHz. AES/EBU inputs are standard, and front-panel LEDs keep the user informed of the unit’s status at all times.

XTA’s AudioCore PC remote-control software can be used to control input and output routing from its interface, and EQ curves can be adjusted via PC. Up to 128 DP4 Series processors can be networked together and centrally controlled via AudioCore using common XLR cables. For wireless control, XTA’s Walkabout Kit allows fine-tuning the system from anywhere in the venue for great sound in every seat.

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