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Zaxcom Introduces TRX700 Plug-On Recording Transmitter

Zaxcom introduced a plug-on recording transmitter at NAB 2007. The TRX700 is designed for quick and easy integration with the shotgun-type microphones typically used in boom-pole applications. The TRX700 records up to 12 hours of timecode-referenced audio on a removable mini-SD card, a patent-pending feature that provides an automatic backup of the system’s RF transmission.

Using two AA batteries, Zaxcom’s TRX700 provides a run time of four hours and 48 volts of phantom power to support the operation of boom-pole microphones. The TRX700 uses 100-percent digital modulation with audio quality that, according to Zaxcom, rivals a hard-wired connection. Zaxcom adds that it has engineered the only professional wireless systems to use digital modulation, which frees audio professionals from the distortion effects of companders, FM modulation, pilot tones, antenna diversity switching and RF interference that degrade the quality of all other broadcast wireless systems.

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