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Zaxcom Introduces TRX990 Wireless Mic Transceiver

Zaxcom is now shipping its TRX990 wireless microphone transceiver for audio professionals in the broadcasting, film and special event industries. The TRX990 is engineered primarily for use in boom pole, sports parabola and ENG camera-to-bag applications, and combines the functions of a wireless transmitter, 48-volt phantom power supply, IFB receiver and walkie-talkie in one compact unit.

Zaxcom’s TRX990 offers two audio channels with integrated 48V phantom power. Zaxcom’s TRX family—which also includes the lavalier-style TRX900—features the industry’s first wireless microphones with an internal IFB receiver and integrated audio recording with timecode. This patent-pending feature set allows audio professionals to record up to 12 hours of audio directly to a Flash memory card and then transfer the WAV files to a PC or Mac for post-production. The TRX990 provides a 114dB dynamic range, mono or stereo wireless transmission, and RF remote control.

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