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Zynaptiq Acquires Prosoniq’s Product Line, Technologies

Zynaptiq GmbH, based in Hannover, Germany, announces the acquisition of Prosoniqʼs complete IP, including the company’s current and past product line, technologies, patent rights, research data and license contracts, effective March 1, 2014. Zynaptiq will continue to offer the current line of Prosoniq products.

Founded in 1990, Prosoniq, based in Karlsruhe, Germany, has provided key technologies to many companies in the music business, including Quantel, Emagic, Steinberg and Cakewalk. Prosoniq pioneered in the field of applying Artificial Neural Networks to audio processing, voice removal, structural audio morphing and polyphonic time stretching with formant correction. It has also researched and developed many more technologies and tools for applications, including image decomposition, phoneme recognition, structural audio information retrieval and rendering, and more.

Today Prosoniq is best known for its Time Factory time-stretching and pitch-shifting batch processor, sonicWORX Isolate voice extraction/suppression and spectral editing application, Orange Vocoder classic vocoder plug-in, Morph real-time audio morphing plug-in, and NAS synthesis engine as used in the Hartmann Synthesizer.

“Weʼre thrilled to add these software gems to our portfolio of cutting-edge technologies and award-winning products” says Zynaptiq CEO Denis Goekdag.

“We are happy to consolidate Prosoniqʼs 20-plus years worth of research and development into Zynaptiq, giving these great products and technologies a new home,” adds Stephan Bernsee, CTO at Zynaptiq. “This allows for the creation of even more cutting edge products and extending into new fields, and our users will greatly benefit from this consolidation in the near future.”

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