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In 2008, the monster organization and Grammy Award winner Dr. Dre

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Arts and complete way to experience music artists want you, now in the new limited edition color. Over-Ear Monster Beats Studio headphones are displayed for a complete sound precision of today’s digital music including the most demanding requirements of the new sound and rock, hip-hop and blues. With advanced speaker design, the dynamic amplification of active noise trade-offs, they provide all the power, clarity and deep bass today’s top artists and producers to you. Combined with large speaker drivers and a high-power digital amplifier, beating studio bass headphones, smooth and accurately to a new high, while the sound is clear.

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The dynamic external noise isolation technology actively cuts, so you experience all the rich details your favorite artists to listen to you. The spacious earcups give you extra space to allow a higher level of listening comfort. The plush pad covered with ears to keep cool and breathable material made of moisture even if your music is hot. With a Monster Beats Studio playing the studio headphone cable built-in answer button and the loudspeaker so that you can easily answer the phone, listening to music. Monster headphone cable Quadripole 4 twisted pair construction to reduce the loss of a balanced sound signal and clear. Beat a tri-fold headset features design studio gloss end, a situation has been included to carry out in order to facilitate transport and storage.

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In 2008, the monster organization and Grammy Award winner Dr. Dre and Monster’s audio professional groups to develop, quickly sweeping through the world of studio headphones. What helps to make the studio by a Dr. Dre beat the baseball celebrity monster Bryant just enjoy it? What makes the hobby of stars by Dr. Dre Studio monster beats by dr. dre beat user? Why do stars Dr. Dre from the studio is particularly conducive to beat the monster? Monster became very popular headset in the U.S. spokesman – fashion and top quality!

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Beat is the real monster introduce a high-quality headphones. The most obvious aspect is that the headset by Dr. Dre and Monster’s audio professional development group’s Grammy Awards. Beat, with the modern style of the speaker phone and drive isolation technology, greater power and power use, and produce little additional improvement of RF energy. In the mean time, rhythm, allowing the overall flexibility of db to show the properties of each single addition, the design of the ear cup, end users feel more comfortable, and provide privacy as well as hearing. Ultra-soft, breathable soft cushion, will remain a separate cooling, new music to enjoy at the same time, reducing sweat.

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DRE cheap headphones beat by a monster high-performance headphones, the same guy who sold you these important Hey HD Theater HDMI cable. Monster has been using cutting-edge technology and design in audio performance dr dre headphone, convenience and comfort of final offer music lovers. DRE headphones they beat is no different. Actual rate of build quality is first-class beat-mile in front of cellophane; temporary metal helmets and steel ear pot holders feel very very strong. The headset should stand up, a lot of color even more than often, even a monster for that matter, Dr. DRE headphones punishment. Favor really think they could last years. Real thick padded ear pads and headband communication as a sense of luxury DRE ear, but only superior, not superb comfort.

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