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2011 summer sunglasses trends celebrity favorite models Watch

Sunglasses such a high-profile but super-trendy fashion accessories in Asia has become more and more common, especially in the summer sun seems particularly sinister! Wholesale Sunglasses can not just do modeling must also have the function of anti-UV eye protection. 2011 sunglasses trends locking the word “retro” to be sure! The sunglasses styles popular between the 1950s to the 1990s, in 2011, again through the streets. Special Cat Eye mysterious girl sexy cat eye sunglasses, color box light-colored sunglasses, several styles of large, round, thick frame sunglasses, sports sunglasses, Shield shape sunglasses.
Sunglasses Western actress out of essential goods, Nicky Hilton is not like the older sister Paris Hilton fancy high-profile, she often street shooting Watch carry the package out of the same paragraph, can be said to have a high degree of loyalty to the favorite things, like Linda Farrow X Alexander Wang zipper styling her three times to take to the streets wearing a different style of clothing, but wearing wild cat eye Cheap Oakley Sunglasses; Jennifer Lopez latest album “Love” singles “I’m Into You” MV Gucci light purple metal pilots wear sunglasses; hip-hop king Kane West American fashion Hot Chili supermodel Amber Rose, watching a fashion show, wearing one-piece the jelly red acetate fiber sports sunglasses House of Holland for Linda Farrow; Eva Mendes wearing interestingly the crude plastic box round sunglasses, this series for Prada’s latest minimalist baroque style sunglasses.
You probably already have several pairs of sunglasses, or are looking to purchase one to greet the summer sun, the superstar models sunglasses is absolutely the best choice, to wear instantly has a charming star style. When it comes to flavor of this star sunglasses, be sure to mention classical figures, U.S. President John F. Kennedy wife Jacqueline Jackie O, she is one of the best representatives of leading this oversized sunglasses. Of course, many of the Hollywood stars all the time wearing sunglasses, whether privately or on the stage, and can show them the brightest star style, which also created the sunglasses not only the effect of shading is the best fashion accessory.
Since the superstar models is a summer essential, and how to choose a suitable sunglasses? Of course, got to try them on and wear comfortable, and moments that make you kind of “Yes! That’s it!” Feeling. Again, in accordance with each person’s face, the right style is also very different. Partial round face, you can choose the style than the square Cheap Oakley Sunglasses; face than the party, you can choose a partial arc type style. Classic retro style is the least error-prone, and the same width of the upper and lower frame fit almost any face, bring instant type! Of course, you can also challenge pick face flight models sunglasses, or popular this season back cat’s eye style, are superstars essential style! Go and start a fashion and sunglasses, accompany you to spend the summer sun is shining!