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2012 New Style Beats by Dre Studio Headphones Camouflage Brown

One of the most essential tools beats by dre of the trade for a DJ is a good set of monster beats headphones. beats by dre pro There are so many different brands, manufactures and features out there in the market of DJ quality headphones, finding the right pair can be difficult. There are a few standout names in audio equipment that make shopping for DJ headphones a much easier process.The Pioneer HDJ-1000 Pro DJ headphones are a great choice for a reliable pair of professional quality headphones. The set comes equipped with a selector to allow users to switch back and forth between right and left channel signals for dual or single monitoring. Another feature that allows customized monitoring and comfort is the joints installed on the housing. A large diameter speaker unit with high power input makes for excellent sound quality in the Pioneer headphone set that usually retails for around $200.00.

Club DJs that work with both the beats by dre nz booth and table signals on their dance mixes will love the Vestax KMX-3 Stick DJ handheld single cup headphone. This allows the DJ to have one handheld headphone hooked up to their table while a second is plugged into a channel coming from a separate sound booth. Both the master signal and the cue signal can be singled out for monitoring by flipping a switch on the handset. This innovative design can be purchased for around $95.00.For the DJ that loves to rock out, the Skullcandy Hesh DJ headphones in black and white offers optimal sound quality at a bargain basement price level. Thick cushions on the parabolic contoured ear cups add to comfort levels, which the swivel of the ear cups lends the headphones to single ear monitoring.

When you spend the surprisingly low $49.95 for the beats by dr dre Skullcandy Hesh DJ headphones, you get incredible sound quality and a handy carrying monster beats by Dr Dre Headphones are the latest music craze by solo artist Dr Dre. We have used and tested three of his latest headphones and are going to give you the lowdown on one of these great products and what we think is great and what we think can be improved on.These headphones are a brand made famous by the rap/hip hop artist that is Dr Dre and Jimmy Lovine who is the chairman of Interscope Records. The brand currently has 6 headphones products and 6 different earphone products all under the same brand, Monster Beats. These headphones are a huge hit in the celebrity will because of the name, brand, style and the quality of the product.

You will see these headphones endorsed from various celebrities.The first headphones we are going to talk about are the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio High Definition Headphones. When you first see the product packages you know you are going to be getting a high quality product, the packaging is absolute stunning. The quality of the headphones themselves is also top-notch, you can see why these headphones are used widely across the globe thanks to their stunning looks, it is usually rare to find a set of headphones that not perform really well but also look great. The actual quality of the headphones is also very good, beats by dre australia the headphones have built-in noise cancellation that basically cancels out the surrounding sound so that you are endorse only in the music. This feature of the headphones work really well.