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615 Music Announces News for NAB 2008

Nashville, TN, April 7, 2008 — 615 Music, one of America‘s preeminent Production Music companies, providers of library and production music (both original and custom) for television networks and programs, feature films, radio, commercials, on-air promos, interactive applications and multi-media clients, has produced and delivered the country‘s first ever 5.1 Surround sound news music package, for client KPIX TV. Additionally, 615 Music has released 29 new library CD titles. 615 Music will be exhibiting at the NAB Convention at NAB Booth # SL-9211, and at RTNDA Booth # R221. 615 Music President and CEO Randy Wachtler made the announcement.


For client KPIX TV, San Francisco, 615 Music created and produced a promotional news music package, entitled “Always Worth Your Time,” which will be broadcast in Dolby E™ 5.1 Surround, marking a national milestone in the broadcasting industry. Said client Dee Joyce, VP, Advertising and Marketing for KPIX TV, “We‘re excited to be the first TV station in America to broadcast our news music package, created by 615 Music, in 5.1 Surround. Today‘s great shows like ‘CSI‘ already broadcast their audio in 5.1 and make the viewer experience so rich that we wanted to extend that great experience to our local news audience. Our HD signal, together with 5.1 Surround, is an exciting step for CBS 5 KPIX-TV, 615 Music and the Bay Area.”

Mr. Wachtler added, “‘Always Worth Your Time‘ is the first news music package in America to be released in 5.1 Surround and we‘re proud to have created it for Dee Joyce and her creative team at KPIX-TV in San Francisco. This news music package is perfect for stations with a new HD look, and makes the viewer experience rich and exciting. With so many network shows now broadcasting their content in HD and 5.1, 615 Music stands at the leading edge by providing the country‘s first 5.1 news music package.”


From the 615 Platinum Series:

SFL-1168 – “Modern Pop-R&B:” Urban influenced pop music that designed to make the listener groove or bring him to his feet.

SFL-1167 – “1950‘s Popular Styles:” Classic, 1950s-styled popular music with that nostalgic sound and spirit that everyone will remember.

SFL-1166 – “Alternative Rock Vol. 3 (With and Without Vocals):” Contemporary Alt Rock with and without vocals.

SFL-1165–“I-Team Investigative Vol. 3:” News promo music beds for every occasion, from inviting human drama, to investigative, to breaking news.

SFL-1164 – “Indie Acoustic:” Features acoustic driven, adult alternative music with and without vocals. Songs are from David Cleveland, veteran composer and musician for 615 Music, and performances by other well-known and respected musicians such as Matthew Burgess (percussionist,) Mike Childers (drummer,) and Danny Olannerghty (bassist.)

SFL-1163–“Hip Hop/Rap Vol. 2.:” This new release offers authentic hip hop and rap tracks as real as it gets.

** SFL-1162–“Yuletide Spirit, Vol 4.:” Classic and original holiday and Christmas favorites, both traditional and modern.

From the Scoring Stage Series:

SS-011 – “Epic Drama:” Orchestral film scores that tip their hat to the award winning epic films of the recent past.

SS-010 – “Fantasy and Children‘s Adventure:” Fun, adventurous orchestral music that brings to life the magic inside a child‘s imagination.

SS-009 – “Magic and Mayhem:” An impressive variety of “larger than life” orchestral cues from mysterious and magical to chaotic mayhem.

SS-008 – “Light Drama:” Pushing orchestral drama on the lighter side of desperate.

SS-007 – “Rock Orchestra:” Cinematic heavy rock blended with dramatic orchestral elements.

SS-006 — “Explosive Percussion:” Features an atomically charged and eruptive raging torrent of percussion power.

From the Promo Accelerator Series:

PA-017 – “Drums and Percussion:” A broad assortment of rhythmic instruments and dynamic beats to get toes tapping.

PA – 016 – “Alt Rock #3:” Promo Accelerator‘s new Alt Rock title delivers a pulsing, raging alternative rock set with drums, bass and in-your-face power chords.

From the Music Shop Library:

EM-5252 – “African Perfumes:” An invitation to travel, inducing the listener to wander along a rhythmic path of African atmospheres.

EM-5251–“Hip Hop Philosophy: This title offers a full set of laid back urban beats featuring male and female vocals.

EM-5250 – “Piano and Co.:” Soothing arrangements of positive and lively instrumental duets featuring the piano.

From the 615 Song Catalog Series:

SEC-022–“Cary Cooper:” A fun and whimsical set from award winning songwriter Cary Cooper.

From the Kingsize Series:

KSM-038 – “Windfall:” A subtle, groovy collection of acoustic guitar landscapes,with a few rough edges left in for that “real feel.”

KSM-037 -“Polkas and Tangos:” Earthy, passionate and sometimes quirky — hoist your beer stein or your Buenos Aires Baby. Who doesn’t love an accordion ???

KSM-036 – “Makeover:” The perfect “underscore” for “overhaul.” Music to make-over your home, body, spirit, and mind — the soundtrack of beauty, décor, fitness, fashion, and attitude adjustment.

KSM-035 – “Motion:” Juicy, hybrid cues incorporating ethnic, techno, and jazz elements — perfect for underscore requiring a sense of movement.

From the Metro Music Library:

MMP-083 — “Drama/Danger 3:” Offering an escalating level of tension and violence, from moderate generic drama to high anxiety and action. A mix of current techno pallete and orchestral and sound design elements — perfect for dramatic promos, teasers, trailers, extreme action, and sports.

MMP-084 — “Too Funky:” So funky it hurts! A mix of extreme R&B, funk, hip hop, and urban dance grooves with all the bells and whistles of TV production. Hooky riffs, stabby horn licks, and bluesy melodic licks generate just the right level of high-energy fun. Grooves that just won‘t quit entertaining!

From the AMP Library:

AMP-030 – “Laid Back 5:” Tracks which bring peace and harmony to any production. Pure, mellow and soft with a crystal clear sound. Relaxed and meditative backgrounds; warm, yet positive and peaceful.

AMP-029 – “Positive Drive 6:” Positive minded, suitable for life-style and trendy productions. The music is timeless as well as modern, with styles like R&B, funk, jazz, rock, and slightly techno.

From the ZEN Library:

ZEN-011:” Delicate & classy piano with jazzy drums & soft bass.

ZEN-012: “Real Dreams,” music to be in a dream-like world.


Founded by president/CEO Randy Wachtler in Nashville, Tenn., in 1984,

615 Music is a multi-award winning, full-service music development, recording, post-production and sound design company with clients that include broadcast and cable television networks and programs, local market TV stations, radio stations and syndicates, advertising agencies, and filmmakers, among others.

615‘s client roster is comprised of virtually every major broadcast and cable television network, including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, MSNBC, HBO Worldwide, A&E, HGTV, The History Channel, The Family Channel, Discovery, and CMT. Additionally, the company has written and produced musical themes and promotions used within, and to promote, numerous television series and shows. These have included “The Today Show,” “Live with Regis and Kelly,” The Discovery Channel, “Frasier,” ABC Sports College Football, and PBS‘s “Nova.”

In Fall 2007, 615 Music acquired the renowned Metro Music library. As a result, 615 Music now has 10 production libraries and well over 500 CDS worth of music available to its clients. The combined 615 Music & Metro Music libraries are 615 “Gold” and “Platinum” Collections; 615 Song Library; AMP; Kingsize NYC; Metro Music; Music Shop; Music Gallery; Promo Accelerator; Scoring Stage Film & TV; and ZEN.

Internationally, 615 Music also enjoys a worldwide presence. The company‘s various libraries are currently being distributed to over 30 countries via its sub-publishers. In addition, 615 Music has written and produced a great deal of original music work for clients based in India, Germany, and the U.K.

Among 615 Music‘s numerous awards is a National Emmy for the memorable theme the company created for A&E‘s acclaimed “Biography” series. For the past two years in a row, 615 Music was also Emmy Award nominated for “Best Original Song” for two songs the company wrote and produced for NBC‘s “The Today Show”–those songs were entitled “Live for Today” and “It‘s a New Day, Today.”

615 Music is located at 1030 16th Ave South, Nashville, TN, 37212.

The company‘s phone number is 615/244-6515 and its new website can be accessed via