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With 85 Years of Expertise, Tymphany Launches Into Professional Branded Transducer Market

Tymphany’s new line of professional transducers resets the 
relationship between performance and cost by building on 
proven design and manufacturing principles from Tymphany’s
Peerless and Vifa heritage.
Anaheim, CA – The NAMM Show 2014 – February 3, 2014 -
Tymphany HK Ltd., the leading expert in transducer and
audio system design and manufacturing, announced today
the FSL Series of woofers, the TC Series full-range
column transducers, and the BC and H Series tweeter line.
These professional audio transducers are built on 85
years of design and manufacturing expertise from Tymphany’s
Peerless and Vifa brands.
Tymphany’s international team of acoustic experts leveraged
the latest FEA multi-physics techniques to create transducers
that reset the performance to price relationship for
professional branded transducers. Independently verified
measurements and production tolerance data validate Tympany’s
leadership in transducer design and manufacturing. The 
company seeks to push the industry standard for power
handling and sound quality upward, while helping audio
companies hit cost targets.
“By combining an innovative, western-led design philosophy
with the speed and efficiency of our Asian-based engineering
and manufacturing teams, we optimized the new Tymphany
transducers to handle the most demanding professional
applications while lowering costs for our customers,” said
George Bullimore, head of the transducer business unit for
FSL Series Pro Woofers
Available in 5, 6.5, 8, 12, or 15-inch versions, each FSL
Series Pro Woofer is voiced with a smooth frequency
response and designed for optimal large signal performance.
The Ferrite magnet steel frame ensures reliability and
enables custom variants for unique or large-scale

BC Series Tweeters
Tymphany is the world leader in tweeter design, and the
BC Series is a reflection of the work done by top audio
industry minds over eight decades. The series includes
a one-inch damped fabric soft dome tweeter with compact
faceplate and finned heat sink for improved power
handling and enhanced voice coil cooling.
TC Series Column Transducer
The TC Series of full-range transducers were specifically
designed to meet the needs of the column loudspeaker
market.  The TC Series was optimized to have an extremely
smooth frequency response through the mid-range with a
rising response at the top end of the curve.  With
industry leading sensitivity and low-frequency extension,
the TC series sets a new standard for column transducers.
The TC series is available in 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4-inch models
“Tymphany is already designing and manufacturing transducers
for the world’s leading professional loudspeaker brands; a
branded transducer offering is the natural extension of our
complete ODM system solutions,” said Bullimore. “Guitar amps,
PA systems, live sound, we really see no limits to what the
future holds.”