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AAP Media Network Installs Six Calrec Brio Consoles

HEBDEN BRIDGE, JULY 30, 2019 — Lahore-based AAP Media Network has purchased six Calrec Brio36 consoles for live, on-air mixing for two of its news and infotainment channels — AAP NEWS and INDUS NEWS. AAP is also planning an additional channel launch for later this year, with the compact and powerful Brios set to be used across that.

“When we started working on these two new channels, I wanted to make sure that we were using consoles that would foster innovation and make mixing easy, and Calrec satisfies both those requirements,” explains Suhail Ahmed, Group COO at AAP Media Network. “The Brios took our engineers only 30 minutes to configure and two days to learn; by day three, we were up and running. They offer easy access to preamps and our studio resources can be accessed remotely via Dante. All our engineers are Dante-certified, and Dante fulfils our networking needs at the moment. Though, as we grow, we plan to deploy Hydra2.”

“Calrec has given us a single system that covers and caters to all our needs and has allowed us to take away external third-party devices, reducing system complexity and deployment time,” adds Jawad Ali, General Manager, Broadcast & IT at AAP Media Network. “Our engineers are all Dante-certified, allowing us to be the first channel in Pakistan to benefit from audio-over-IP using Dante.”

“The mic preamps are amazing, and our audio quality has improved drastically,” says Tanvir Hussain, Head of PCR Operations at AAP Media Network. “We no longer use our external delay units because we have easy GPI triggers, which transition seamlessly to the built-in delay when we need it.”

Four of the Brios are in AAP Media Network’s main studio in Lahore. The fifth is housed in its studio in Karachi and the sixth in its Islamabad facility. AAP NEWS, an Urdu-language channel, and INDUS NEWS, an English-language channel, both reach local and international audiences. Programs include Coffee Table, AAP Janab and AAP Kay Muqabil. AAP Media Network is a broadcast media house that broadcasts news and entertainment to millions in the region.

“This is a significant customer win for us in Pakistan. Our goal with this project was to get AAP Media Network up and running with the Brios quickly and, given the ease with which their engineers learned the sophisticated features of the consoles themselves, this certainly proved to be the case,” says Anthony Harrison, International Sales Manager, Calrec.

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