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able sponge before the plank

able sponge before the plank in the vegetables, knead bitter gourd, choose. The owner is very fat, but very kind and genial, the Xiao sun isn’t understand how call sparrow. The sky is very hot, three people sit at the narrow and small inside, the fan is a burst of to a burst ofly blow MAC Lip Gloss hot breeze, connect take soot flavor, the Xiao sun sweats Qiang all over must some can not stand.Old two hasteses took quite a few bottle ice Pi, Qi cover, the mouth towards a bottle, the Xiao sun at mac makeup Wholesale a stretch drank a bottle of, a bit cool inside the felling body. The vegetables hurried very much, a sending of dish dish came up:The bean petal Ji fish, the hedge Hao smoked meet, spicy chicken, cold cow’s tripe and time pot beef, steam a wild mountain Jiao of Wan fish, taste and river Nian chafing dish. The hedge Hao woulds be the basket of Chiang-Nan scholar mouth inside Hao, is the an of the south river vegetables, although have but not expensive, the big public houses can eat, is also favourite of the Xiao sun.The Xiao sun looking at old two say, you can be really enough ostentatious and make so abundantly, I can please don’t rise yours next time. The old Mao bends head, the eye mirror is bad to mercilessly looking at one table vegetables, drank a big wine, start to grasp chopsticks, mama of, old two affirmation earned big money and ate, don’t eat white not to eat! postby:08bkyuchang Is old two satisfiedly say, eating the tube of Lao Tze who to drink today is sufficient! The belly in a bottle of wine, and then send to come up three bottles of two pots ofs.Xiao Yang says that is old two, you exactly sell in bottle gourd of what medicine? Is old two say, drink.The old Mao stretches overdo mean to say what, old two return to the top of head of old Mao, you eat more for me little say. A bottle of two pots ofs of the everybody’s hand inside, all dry.See a window outside, sky already black deeply, the Xiao sun knows, the bar has to be busy again.The capacity for liquor of Xiao sun is a bit bad.