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ADAM Audio F Series Contest Stresses Creativity

Hicksville, NY––ADAM Audio is giving away four pairs of autographed special edition F-series monitors to those with the most creative photo ideas.

Entrants who send in the most imaginative photographic submissions in November and December of 2013 will get the chance to win a pair of F5 or F7 active studio monitors. These one-of-a-kind models are custom-designed and signed by ADAM founder and CEO Klaus Heinz. Only two pairs each of these F5 and F7 monitors will exist worldwide!

Entrants simply need to download a picture of the F5 or F7 at, print it out and blend it into their photographic arrangement. Drawings of the monitors and other creative concepts are also welcome. Pictures should be sent to: [email protected].

ADAM Audio will select the two most inventive pictures from all of the entries in November and December, so entrants are encouraged to be creative and let it all hang out.

The contest begins on November 1st and ends December 31st, 2013. Pictures submitted from November 1st through November 30th are eligible to win a pair of F5s or F7s, the same applies for entries from December 1st through December 31st, 2013. Each participant is entitled to submit a maximum of one picture electronically to [email protected]?

The F-series models were only introduced in the first of quarter of 2013 but already have earned several awards (Mipa award 2013, DJ Mag Tech award ‘Best Studio Monitor’) and received excellent reviews in leading recording magazines.

For more information about ADAM Audio USA, please call 516.681.0690, or click to

About ADAM Audio
ADAM Audio is a leading manufacturer of loudspeakers for Professional Audio and the HIFI market. Founded in 1999 in Berlin, Germany, the company‘s loudspeakers have set the highest standards around the world for accurate monitoring and natural sound reproduction. ADAM’s widely varied product lines include everything from professional studio monitors (SX, AX, and F series), to Multimedia and Home Theater/Installation loudspeakers (ARTist and GTC range), to high-end home entertainment models (Classic and Tensor series). The trademark all ADAM models have in common is the proprietary X-ART tweeter. Handmade in Berlin, Germany, it performs with a nearly flat frequency response extending up to 50 kHz.