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AES 125th Convention Committee

Pictured standing are (l-t-r) The AES 125th Convention Committee Historical Events Chair Tamara Horacek; Tutorials Co-Chair Jim McTigue; Workshops Co-Chair Dave Harris; Live Sound Events Co-Chairs Bob Lee; Workshops Co-Chair Joe Carter; Facilities Chair Bob Megantz; Special Events Chair Chandra Lynn; Master Classes/Tutorials Co-Chair Conrad Cooke; Live Sound Events Co-Chair Jonathan Novick and AES Executive Director Roger Furness. Seated (l-t-r) are Papers Co-Chair Veronique Larcher and Convention Co-Chairs John Strawn and Valerie Tyler. Not pictured are: Broadcast Session Chair David Bialik; Education Events Co-Chairs Dottie Kreps, Mark Swiderski and Teri Grossheim; Papers Co-Chair Rob Maher; Platinum Panels Chair Paul Verna; Tech Tours Chair David Bowles; and Volunteer Co-Chairs Tim Duncan and Evan Peebles. Please credit photo by Alex Storm courtesy of Dolby Labs.