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ADAM Audio, a leading provider of high-end studio monitors, today announces the shipping of its new flagship main monitor. The S7A MK2 is an active, 4-way design that combines paper woofers and Hexacone® midwoofers with ADAM‘s next-generation X-A.R.T. folded ribbon midrange drivers and tweeters in a full range system for larger control rooms.

The S7A MK2 is a unique combination of ADAM’s proprietary transducer technology, modern PWM amplifier design, a sophisticated control panel and a d‘Appolito speaker alignment (symmetrical drivers with respect to the vertical plane) that result in a no compromise unit for the most demanding critical monitoring environments.

The S7A MK2 houses two 15” paper cone woofers for natural reproduction of extended low frequencies down to 20Hz. The two ultra-stiff 9” Hexacone® midwoofers deliver tight, accurate low-mids with a smooth transition into the upper midrange frequencies.

The S7A MK2 employs two new X-A.R.T. drivers for the midrange, and one for high frequencies to provide a smooth and detailed reproduction of the entire upper frequency spectrum to 50 kHz. ADAM‘s eXtended Accelerated Ribbon Technology (X-A.R.T.) has firmly established a new technological benchmark in the reproduction of high and middle frequencies. This folded ribbon design moves more air, more efficiently, than traditional ribbons or dome tweeters. These drivers present an open, natural, accurate high end that creates a wider sweet spot, with less ear fatigue for the listener.

For onboard power, the monitor uses a 500-watt ICE Amp to drive each of the 15” bass cones. 4 more ICE Amps, each at 250-watts, handle the remaining 5 drivers. Its 1500-watt, industrial strength power supply guarantees that the amplifiers will be able to handle whatever they are given, including extreme volume peaks at low frequencies.

A surprisingly comprehensive control panel is mounted on the front of the S7A Mk2. Users have control over input gain, the relative gain of each frequency band, high- and low-shelving filters, and 3 fully parametric bands of EQ available between 20 and 200 Hz. Cinematic mixers will appreciate the Dolby X-Curve button conveniently located on the front panel.

All drive units in the S7A MK2 are mounted on an ultra stiff aluminum honeycomb plate that is acoustically dead. By anchoring the drivers much more firmly in the vertical plane, their time behavior, and consequently their clarity, is audibly and measurably improved.

The S7A MK2 is not intended as an “impress the client” fixture in a commercial studio. It is an extremely accurate, powerful reference monitor system for large control rooms and scoring stages that is suitable for mixing at any volume level.

Pricing and Availability:

S7A MK2 – $22,000 each, $44,000 pair. Available now.

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