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AES Convention Debuts Sound For Pictures Track

AES Convention Sound For Pictures Track Co-Chair, Brian McCarty

The 133rd AES Convention, which takes place in San Francisco from October 26-29 at the Moscone Convention Center, will introduce a dedicated Sound For Pictures Track. Featuring award-winning presenters focused on key technical and creative issues related to digital audio production for feature films and TV, the Track is co-chaired by leading sound mixer/producer Brian McCarty (pictured; The Big Lebowski, Dick Tracy, As Good As It Gets) and by Steve Martz, who is senior design engineer at THX Ltd. The Sound For Pictures Track will address topics including Post-Production Techniques, Standards and Multi-Channel Formats for Digital Cinema.

“The AES is the leading forum for audio for film and TV sound,” McCarty says. “Top sound mixers have been attending the Convention for years to exchange ideas and information and kick the tires on new technology. Early this year we formed a Technical Committee on Sound for Digital Cinema and TV. Our objective is to adopt a consistent approach for Digital Cinema sound installations, and contemporary digital dubbing stage recording and mixing activities worldwide. Based on the initial reception to this Committee, Executive Director Bob Moses felt it was time to develop a formal AES Convention Track for this increasingly important field.”

AES Sound For Picture Track presentations on Saturday, October 27, include Post-Production Audio Techniques for Digital Cinema and Ancillary Markets; Reconsidering Standards For Cinema Sound: Alternatives to ISO 2969; and New Multi-Channel Formats for 3-D Cinema and Home Theater.

“We have developed an extremely diverse and comprehensive Sound For Pictures Track,” McCarty says. “Our Workshop participants are all outstanding leaders in their fields. The ‘New Multi-Formats For 3-D Cinema’ panel is a particularly newsworthy event. Gathering developers of competitive systems together for a high level, working dialog is a major coup, which may have important ramifications for film exhibitors.”

Sound For Pictures Track Co-Chair Steve Martz adds, “Academy Award-winner Ioan Allen, Senior VP at Dolby Laboratories, will illustrate innovative audio mixing and editing techniques in his Historical Events presentation, ‘The Egg Show: A Demonstration of the Artistic Uses of Sound on Film.’ Roger Wiersema is coordinating a tour of the Polarity post-production complex, and Dave Nelson is hosting a concurrent tour of Outpost Studios. As both these facilities are located in the same building in San Francisco’s popular Embarcadero district, participants will be able to attend both. This Convention promises to make a deep impact on industry thinking about sound for Digital Cinema.”

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