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AES-Dangerous Music Additional Switching System

On the first day of the New York 123rd annual AES convention, Dangerous Music, Inc. announced the “Additional Switching System” (A.S.S.) a one-rack space expander system for their popular Monitor ST and SR controllers. The A.S.S. offers up to two banks of two options each, allowing four additional capabilities for the monitor controller available directly from the ST-SR remote.

Options introduced at the AES Show include mastering quality stereo Digital-to-Analog conversion: “DAC-ST” and dual-format Video Input Switching for Monitor ST and ST-SR systems: “VIDSWITCH.” The individual A.S.S. option cards vary in price because of their differing functions.

Upcoming options include full-featured 5.1 surround bass management with selectable filters and crossover points: “BASS-SR;” Comprehensive subwoofer control: “SUB-ST;” Comprehensive 5.1 to stereo fold-down and Downmix control: “FOLDDOWN;” Meter feed and selected output source for Monitor ST: “METER-ST;” 6- Ch. DAC for surround setups: “DAC-SR;” and Multiple input listening and input mixing for Monitor ST: “MIX-ST”

“Our customers are loving their Monitor ST and SR controllers, and the open-ended expansion capabilities that we originally conceived for the system are here and will make their work even easier,” said Bob Muller, Dangerous Music’s Founder and Co-owner. “Today we are unveiling a host of options for the Monitor ST-SR with the Dangerous Additional Switching System that will solve many more studio workflow problems and make audio recording, mixing and post-production a much smoother and more integrated process. We are dedicated to making the best equipment available with the most elegant user interface, all using the highest quality audio components. Our goal as always is to design and build for our customers the finest tools available to accomplish whatever they set out to do in their studios. We think the A.S.S. kicks.”

The Dangerous DAC-ST delivers superbly accurate D-to-A conversion, instantly accessed from the Monitor ST remote control. Integrated digital source switching allows the user to monitor all digital sources through the same converter, which is crucial for critical listening, confidence monitoring and level matching. The DAC-ST takes the guesswork out of any digital monitoring tasks. Now it’s easy to compare a mix to any reference, without factoring in differences in level and sound quality that are present when using several external converters.

All 4 rear-panel digital inputs on the DAC-ST accept AES or SPDIF formats and have active Thru outputs for routing these input signals to other devices. When the user needs to quickly hook up external units such as beat-boxes or keyboards that have an SPDIF output, the front panel dedicated SPDIF input saves crawling behind a rack with a flashlight. Being a truly professional system, DAC-ST can be calibrated to match your chosen studio reference level.

For engineers involved with music for television, film scoring or broadcast sound, there are as many video sources as audio sources to deal with. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Dangerous Monitor ST and ST/SR monitoring setups, the VIDSWITCH brings instantaneous and robust video source switching to any audio rig. Want to be able to listen to the output of your DAW while looking at a reference VHS and then a second later play the same segment of audio while looking at the video output of a DAW? VIDSWITCH makes it possible. One click on the Dangerous ST remote will select the Beta deck, VHS deck, a firewire video output card or a DV camera output instantly. Featuring S-Video and composite inputs, the VIDSWITCH connects up to 5 video sources to one or two video monitors. The selected input is translated and fed to both S-Video and Composite (BNC) outputs. The VIDSWITCH features: three S-Video inputs, two Composite inputs, and Format Translation for S-Video and Composite (BNC) Outputs.

The Monitor ST-SR focuses on solving monitoring problems associated with DAW-based recording and mixing in studio environments not employing a traditional console. The Monitor ST is a remote-control based input source and speaker switcher with integrated cue and talkback systems, including an onboard headphone power amplifier- all in one rack space. The Monitor SR is a companion one-rack space expansion module providing full 5.1 surround monitoring capability. Studios working in stereo can start with the ST and later expand to surround by adding the SR unit with no equipment redundancy or obsolescence. With the cat-5 connected remote control unit, included with the Monitor ST, engineers can configure and control an entire system from the comfort of the studio’s sweet spot.

The Dangerous Monitor ST and SR are available from select dealers in the USA and worldwide. MSRP prices are: Dangerous Monitor ST $2199 US; and Dangerous Monitor SR expander $1499 US.

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