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Retro Air Jordan He Wang Chunqing Rotary to the suite door, the screw opened the door, the very Eye care, said: “Wang Bureau, you rest, what you commanded me it wants. “Wang Bureau into the suite, close the door. Liu Hairui standing outside a large office looked around the circle, heart gratefully This environment is also good, so much space, does it mean that I stay in this office? His station to the station, we sat down in a large leather sofa, stuck in a half ass fucking soft! Secretary at rest, he did not dare make a sound, readily took the newspaper to read up on the coffee table. Boredom turned’ll newspaper, Liu Hairui bored, no wonder that civil service tea all day long on reading the newspaper, at least, he sat for more than an hour on the experience of the work of such pursuits. As soon as he took out his cell phone, the office door was sounded out and he Pachao Wang, deputy director of the busy softly opened the door to go out, one out in the hallway on the head and saw an abundance of women, pulled himself together a look’m the one who drove the young woman splashing his pants mud. Both a little surprised, looked at each other and staring at each other looked a few seconds. Cheap Air Jordan for Sale The woman bit Huarong pale, and was then restored to that feminine look, softly asked: “how are you? Doing it you are the king of the Office of the Deputy Secretary?” Liu Hairui said: “I am the king deputy bureau chief secretary, in this work ah. “With the identity of the deputy bureau chief secretary Wang Liu Hairui suddenly feel emboldened enough. Liu Hairui watching him downstairs, thinking that this son of a bitch old rapist finally gone, and quickly return to the office, locked the door, careful observation Wang Chunqing suites and outside the office layout, in addition to a door and an inside and outside shared air conditioning, no gap. Liu Hairui station to the table, Gouzhuo air conditioner, tried the phone into the air conditioner and the walls of the gap, just enough to put down a phone. Liu Hairui satisfactory Xiexiao across the table down, patted the dust in hand, sitting in the boss chair and lit a cigarette and smoked with. Liu Hairui puff, my mind began to imagine starting happening Wang Chunqing lounge, mouth float a trace of a smirk. Smoked tobacco, Liu Hairui back pack out and locked the office door, he was ready to buy a powerful camera functions cottage, to record the next king of deputy bureau chief lounge eclectic scenery. Air Jordan 9 Mens When out of the MeiTanJu building, Liu Hairui saw Zhang Xiaoyan walked in front of the rounded ass rhythm with high heels landing twist twist, swing around, shaking up and down to see him a little elated, stepping up two steps, catch up Xiaohe said: “Zhang Xiaoyan, you work until ah?” Zhang Xiaoyan know the afternoon in the lounge of the thing of the king of deputy bureau chief Liu Hairui know for sure, his face suddenly a crimson, a little embarrassed, awkward smile and nodded, said: “You only get off work?” Liuhai Rui Zhang Xiaoyan just a plaything in the king deputy bureau many deliberately Xiaohe, asked: “In the afternoon and deputy bureau chief Wang talk about thing you?” Liu Hairui ears suddenly red heart panic anxiety, the eyes are filled with feelings of panic swept the corner of my eye at him, panic shook his head and said: “I did not talk about any thing … I still do, I go first. “Accelerating the pace of walking forward. Liu Hairui mouth float a trace of a grin, thought also installed what your merry cry I have heard, and other two days will be able to see you that a wear wrapped spring beauty. nike air jordan Zhang Xiaoyan hurried out of the Coal Board door chug heart has always been in the jump the truth, she yesterday just to see Liu Hairui first glance I felt so handsome new secretary of the king deputy bureau chief, she is also a young girl, also like the guy . Today that would be knee knock, he totter downstairs kind of feeling to Zhang Xiaoyan heart feel strange, seems a little love sinus ignorant of feeling. But she also just graduated to work in only one month into the Coal Board to work, she was very satisfied, one would like to work, and so is the deputy bureau chief Wang dishonor, she did not much wronged, but they think that after so what’s the thing can help to find the king of the deputy bureau chief.