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air jordan basketball shoes Stupid is as stupid does

air jordan retro Now the girls into the community, are so realistic, for the pursuit of the goal, and change a few legs, do not lose anything, anyway, she is not a virgin. Liu Hairui out the door first bought a cottage of three hundred dollars anxious to sell phone that features powerful very, five consecutive hours of video, is not too high pixel. Cottage function made of this has been pretty good, he will look at it on the line, can shoot the deputy bureau office eclectic spring. Six or seven o’clock rush, Liu Hairui squeeze onto a bus, the above can be really ah him one up on the back of people packed walked, holding the handle, the heart still thinking about Wang Chunqing office inside those springtime beauty fantasy depicting eclectic picture, the face emerges ghostly smile. air jordan basketball shoes A bumpy bus, Liu Hairui suddenly feel the back of anything soft pressure, he was ready to go back to cursing, swearing to his mouth, and he saw that the Coal Board logistical warehouse at Zhang Fenfen, he went to the mouth of the the swearing and pharynx go, to Cimei Shan eye of Zhang Fenfen smile. Zhang Fenfen at first did not pay attention to him, see him also feel quite unexpected, the whole face in close proximity, almost to stick together. Liu Hairui can see the pores of her face, the scarlet lips showing a natural red, long eyelashes, and roll up with a pair of Danfeng, water Lingling, like with electric direct view moment, electricity, his body numb. The Zhang Fenfen upper body, wearing a shirt with a flower, neckline natural untie two buttons, white skin on the chest to reveal a piece of her hair tied into a drill a look that is extraordinary women, but a closer look on think that taste is not an ordinary woman kind, even if the dress is simple, but exude the kind of mature charm, very lethal. Moreover, Zhang Fenfen who also exudes a hint of fragrance. So tightly with Liu Hairui body close to the body, so Liu Hairui feel quite good enough. Fen sister also work until it? air jordan kids shoes “Liu Hairui mouth sweet, he knew Zhang Fenfen Secretary Zhang Shufen’s cousin, to curry favor with solid career later not say it, at least, will not be affected. “Well, Liu, you work until it?” Did not expect Zhang Fenfen actually mouth Raising a trace of a pale smile, this Liu Hairui feeling rushing spring breeze was blowing as warm. “Fen sister where to live it?” Liu Hairui Xiaohe asked her, using peripheral vision sweep her neckline, as the bus bumps, bra wrapped lotus soft shaking like a ripe peach, engage in Liu Hairui was a little confused them, after all, he is an energetic young man, to see this kind of springtime beauty, will inevitably harbor disorders together. In the suburbs. “She smiled, bowed his head, not daring to look directly at the front of this handsome guy peering eyes. After the divorce, she has been relatively silent, and men rarely speak, suddenly such a hot-blooded handsome accosted, my heart kind of strange feeling, a 30-year-old heart, such as deer rattling, a little lust sprout feeling . air jordan outlet Liu Hairui although only with peripheral vision secretly sweep a springtime to Zhang Fenfen shirt collar inside to Liu Hairui heart also will rippling up across the thin soft cloth that on gentle Mimi from time to time in his back gently touch, also good enough it feels Biheermeng release. Lying in bed, Liu Hairui aftertaste for a, and Zhang Fenfen lingering scenes, rolled over sub on the bedside pants fell off, fall out a business card. Liu Hairui see business cards, think of any orchid, Zhang Fenfen taste tasted any of the blue, and she is also a feeling, than she wanted to style some dress also fashion, but also painted makeup, it feels without same. Liu Hairui thought of as a stunning young woman, Wang Chunqing that old goat ruined, I feel pity that great.