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Keeping Track Of Time In Basketball Time is money. In everyday life, it feels as if it is always fleeting, always running away from us as Nike Lebron 10 if we need to catch it, like the way Cleveland plays as NBA blogger Sherman Mazur Describes them. In basketball, time is no different. Aside from the five guys on the floor, players always find themselves competing against the clock. The most obvious is the shot clock violation. The shot clock gives each team Chaussure Air Max exactly twenty four seconds to shoot once any of their five players are in clear possession of the ball, on the basketball court. It will only reset if the ball hits Nike Air Max 2012 the rim. Should the shot clock expire, ball possession will change and it will be counted as a turnover for the last player holding the basketball. However, once a team is in possession of the ball, the shot clock is not the only one ticking against them. Even before the shot clock ticks, when a player Nike Zoom Hyperforce is still inbounding, the referee is tasked with giving him five seconds only to get the ball to a teammate. When the ball is finally inbounded, just as the shot clock starts, so does the eight second backcourt rule. This rule states that a player should get the ball across half court within eight seconds. Failure to do so will result into a turnover, and giving up possession. All these should be at the back of players’ minds as they play, which is why it is important to keep your head in the game. Even players watching from the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 Low bench should keep track of these