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Aitan Masters “It’s Christmas” with Brian “Big Bass” Gardner at Bernie’s

LA Pop Idol Celebrates the Season with Retro Rock Xmas Tune

Pictured at Bernie Grundman Mastering are (L-R) producer/engineer/co-writer Stewart Cararas, recording artist Aitan, and mastering engineer Brian “Big Bass” Gardner. Photo by David Goggin.

LA rocker Aitan has completed his new Christmas single “It’s Chrismas (Best Time of the Year)” with mastering engineer Brian “Big Bass” Gardner at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood. Producer/engineer and co-writer Stewart Carara joined in the session for the catchy holiday tune that features a retro jingle-jangly rock style, bouncy chorus and soaring synth signatures.

Renowned rebel radio DJ Jim Ladd commented, “Aitan’s new song ‘It’s Christmas (Best Time of the Year)’ is a wonderful, joyous holiday rocker that is destined to be a part of Christmas memories for years to come. It captures both the childlike wonder of the season as well as

the happy feelings we all had as kids on Christmas day.”

In this surprising follow-up to Aitan’s recent hit “Rock Baby Red,” Aitan departs from his customary suave style and cosmopolitan attitude, as seen in his Keyan Safyari-directed video for the hit single “Coming in Quick.” A multi-instrumentalist and gifted singer/songwriter, he has attracted a devoted following for his music and his engaging performance style.

“It’s Christmas” is now available on iTunes and most other online retailers. Coming up in early 2011 is Aitan’s much anticipated multi-song EP of material currently being recorded.

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