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Alfonso Velez & Phil Joly Record at Power Station New England

Manhattan rocker Alfonso Velez recently recorded three new songs at Power Station New England with Grammy-winning engineer Phil Joly. Velez’s music has been described as old school rock ‘n’ roll with comparisons to Elliot Smith’s songwriting and Paul Simon’s vocal timbre.

“Alfonso and I saw eye to eye on the aesthetics of the tracking process,” says Phil Joly. “We agreed to capture the energy of his band live in the studio, top to bottom, then build on that with overdubs to taste. We drafted up plans and began to look at studios. When we saw Power Station New England, with it’s classic live room design, we jumped at the opportunity to work there.”

Joly is a Grammy award-winning recording and mix engineer best known for his work with Daft Punk, Lana Del Rey, The Strokes, Residente, Patti Smith, Ryan Adams, and Kanye West. Over the past decade of his career, and as chief engineer at Electric Lady Studios in New York, he has developed a unique approach to recording, mixing, and production.

He reflects on working at PSNE, “With the warm resonance and focus of the live room, the massive mic collection, and that special Neve console, the experience was a dream come true from an engineering standpoint. We got sounds quickly, and once everyone was happy with playback, we were able to focus entirely on the songs and takes.” 

“Making great recordings demands extraordinary focus,” commented Velez. “PSNE welcomed me and my band and gave us an amazing recording experience and a true sound that is a big step forward for us.”

“We walked away with three great recordings, maximizing our use of the space with room mics to get sounds and ambience of all kinds,” concludes Joly. “Needless to say, we are very pleased with the experience we had, largely in part to the hospitality of Evan Bakke, who is the chief engineer up there. Looking forward to the next project at this great studio.

Power Station New England, founded in 1995 and located in picturesque Waterford, Connecticut, features immaculately restored Neve 8068 MkII and SSL 4064G+ consoles as part of the studio’s massive expansion and 2017 grand reopening. PSNE recreates the exact design and acoustics of the original Power Station in New York City, which was designed and built in 1976. 


Power Station New England is located within the Sonalysts, Inc. media complex, which houses five full production stages suitable for large scale concert rehearsal and multi-camera video production. Full crews, HD cameras and post-production are available onsite. The largest of five shooting stages is 15,000 sq. ft. with a 42′ ceiling. Waterford is located in scenic Southeastern Connecticut, surrounded by water on three sides and intersected by two major interstate highways. Situated two hours from New York City and Boston, Waterford features a variety of accommodations and numerous fine restaurants.

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