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ALIBI Music Scares Up Trio of Horror Albums

‘Minimal Horror,’ ‘Spooky Retro Horror’ and ‘Vocal Intrigue’ double-down on creepy in three very different ways.

Whether raising goosebumps, tingling spines or building uncomfortable suspense, music plays a powerful role in ratcheting up onscreen chills. That’s why ALIBI has dropped a trio of horror albums designed for maximum scares across a wide range of uses. The new production music releases are “Minimal Horror,” “Spooky Retro Horror” and “Vocal Intrigue” – each with its own inspiration and brand of creepy.

ALIBI’s 3 Newest Horror-Themed Production Music Albums

“Minimal Horror” (11 tracks, 456 audio files, Listen)
Inspired by trailers for “Midsommar,” “The Lodge,” “The Witch” and “Hereditary,” these stripped-back, building horror arrangements focus on mangled violins, scraped cellos, fluttering brass and twisted percussion. Huge wooshes and hits are interspersed with subtle, menacing ticking, tapping and scraping, while deep cellos and contra bass drone ominously. Many tracks also include designed vocals, such as guttural roars, tongue clicks and gurgling, and each has a gradual build to a nightmarish crescendo. A perfect match for horror trailers, survival horror video games and true crime documentaries.

“Spooky Retro Horror” (10 tracks, 440 audio files, Listen)
These sinister, building horror cues are inspired by iconic late-20th Century horror such as “Halloween,” “The Exorcist” and “The Omen,” to name a few. These tracks make use of a range of instrumentation, from creepy risers and stabbing staccato strings, to twinkling mallets, demonic chanting and ethereal, theremin-like female vocals for a sense of slow, creeping dread. Ideal if you’re cutting a deliberately retro horror scene, a Halloween spot or need some ominous music for your survival horror video game.

“Vocal Intrigue” (13 tracks, 595 audio files, Listen)
In this album, curious, intriguing and mysterious cues center around heavily stylized, rhythmic female vocal samples. Taking inspiration from iconic soundtracks such as “Squid Game,” this album develops the concept further by adding layers of trailer drums, ticking clocks, ominous sound design and menacing braams. The addition of staccato violins and cellos to some tracks also creates a hint of neoclassical elegance, making these tracks extremely well-suited to political intrigue/espionage, tense psychological thrillers, disturbing folk horror, survival terror and haunting puzzle/narrative games.

ALIBI Music’s horror cues have been used in the trailers promoting such notable projects as the Epix series “From,” Netflix original “Hellbound,” and the classic “Chucky” on USA/SyFy, among numerous others.


About ALIBI Music

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