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Alloy Tracks Secures Dozens of Music & Sound Design Placements in High Profile Trailers Promoting Major 2015 Movies;

Recent Alloy Tracks Movie Trailer Placements include "Avengers: Age of Ultron," "Furious 7," "Mad Max" and "Tomorrowland."

North Hollywood, CA, June 1, 2015 — Alloy Tracks, a boutique company renowned as a source of both original music and sound design tracks for the motion picture advertising industry, has secured dozens of music and sound design placements which have recently been, or which will soon be, included within trailers promoting major Spring and Summer 2015 motion pictures. Troy MacCubbin, Founder/Musician/Composer, Alloy Tracks, made the announcement.

Alloy Tracks’ most recent placements include trailers promoting “Furious 7,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Terminator: Genisys,” “Poltergeist,” “Tomorrowland,” “Mad Max,” “The Fantastic Four,” “SPY,” “TED 2,” “Jurassic World,” “Entourage,” “Ant Man,” “Mission Impossible 5,” “Insidious,” “Sinister 2,” “Everest,” “The Peanuts Movie,” “Black Mass” and “Crimson Peak,” among many others. 

MacCubbin said, “As we celebrate out 8th year in business, we are very pleased to have secured a solid name for ourselves as a reliable, diverse resource of custom music and sound design for the motion picture trailer industry. Moving forward, our goal is to expand further by continuing to place original music and songs into movies, TV shows, TV promos, commercials and videogames. In addition, we are currently building our own state-of-the-art recording studio in North Hollywood which we plan to use both for our own material and to rent to outside clients. More details on our new studio coming soon!” 


Alloy Tracks founder and proud Australian Troy MacCubbin is a longtime professional guitarist, singer and songwriter. He began playing guitar at the age of 10 while growing up on a small farm in the Bush of Australia. A real life “Crocodile Dundee,” he often had kangaroos, koalas, snakes and lizards as pets. Troy joined his father’s band when he was 14. After many years of playing guitar in numerous rock & roll bands throughout his native country, and earning extra cash by teaching guitar to students of all ages, he left Australia in 1997, relocating to Los Angeles to further his musical career.  

To initially survive his new life in LA, Troy was forced to perform numerous unusual jobs – these included impersonating Austin Powers, delivering flowers, working as a DJ, and even wearing a giant Jellybean costume on Hollywood Blvd. to sell candy. Eventually, he landed an audition as a guitarist for a band that went on to win the LA Music Rock Awards. Following this success, Troy performed as a guitarist with a number of LA-area bands. After one such performance at the legendary Viper Room, Troy was scouted by Interscope Records and asked to join famed Russian singing duo T.A.T.U. Troy toured the world with them. 

After his gig with T.A.T.U., Troy began to tour as a guitarist with other noted superstars. These have included singers Kelly Clarkson, Enrique Iglesias, and, most recently, Wilson Phillips.

Currently, Troy is collaborating on new creating music with noted international writers and with producer/drummer Mark Damian for a new band and recording project the men are calling “GorillaBear.” The new project will be infused with distinct styles of music that Troy expects will work extremely well for placements within movie trailers and advertising campaigns through Alloy Tracks.


Alloy Tracks is a cutting-edge source for audio needs across all media and platforms, specializing in Custom Sound Design, FX, Orchestration, Rock, Industrial, Original Songs and Instrumentals. The boutique company was founded in 2007 in Los Angeles by musician/composer Troy MacCubbin as an innovative enterprise dedicated to creating original music and sounds for the motion picture, television, advertising and videogames industries.  

Historically, the company has provided music and/or sound design to many hundreds of movie trailers. In addition to those cited above, the company has also placed music and/or sound design tracks within trailers promoting such hits as “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” “2012,” “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” “Maleficent,” “Transformers 4,” “The Hobbit,” “Divergent,” “Fast  Furious 6,” “Man of Steel,” “World War Z,” “Wolverine,” “Star Trek,” “Iron Man 3,” “Saw 4,” Drag Me to Hell,” and dozens more.

In addition, Alloy Tracks has also provided music and sound design tracks to such hit TV shows as “Game of Thrones” and “Ugly Betty,” and to Videogame trailers, including “Call Of Duty: Blacksmith” and “Destiny: Comet.” The company’s slogan: “Originality. Innovation. Emotion – We Mix It All Into Our Music.” For more information, please visit: or contact Alloy Tracks via email: [email protected]

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