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** Photo: Altinex MU400-111 transmitter and MU500-112 receiver **
Brea, CA – InfoComm Booth 3031… Altinex, a leading manufacturer of Signal Management Solutions®, is pleased to announce the availability of its Muse HDMI+Power+IR Transmitter and Receiver. This new technology dramatically changes the way integrators approach AV systems. With the ability to distribute power, HDMI, RS-232 and IR control signals up to 300 feet (90 m) over a single, low voltage, shielded or unshielded CAT-6 cable, Muse is an innovative system that enables AV Integrators to eliminate the worry of electrical outlet placement—providing AV installers full control over their projects.

Consisting of the MU400-111 transmitter and the MU500-112 receiver, Muse products enable users to transmit video, display power, RS-232, and IR signals up to 300 feet (90 m) over a single CAT-6 cable. The Muse is powerful enough to power a 150 watt LCD display or LED lights. The actual power available to the load depends on the gauge and length of the cable. The Muse video distribution portion of the system is compliant with HDMI and HDCP standards and is pending safety (UL60950-1) approvals. The advanced features of the MU400-111 transmitter provide a safe and reliable way of sending both video signal and power over a single shielded / unshielded CAT-6 cable. With the Altinex Muse system, installations become easier than ever before, making Muse a ‘no brainer’ for one’s next AV system design.

The output of the MU400-111 transmitter is monitored for power consumption and when power is exceeded, the output is turned off to protect the system. The Muse is designed to withstand direct shorts both on the low voltage side and high voltage side. The current consumption is monitored continually and output is disabled if an overload or short is detected. The Muse can power a 46-inch to 52-inch display with a maximum of 150 watts power consumption. The Altinex Muse product line incorporates numerous advanced features to safely transmit power to a display. These features include: current monitor, auto shutdown, and auto receiver detector. The MU400-111 transmitter has a durable metal enclosure with a built-in temperature controlled cooling fan to provide years of trouble-free operation. The MU500-112 receiver operates without any fans so as to minimize noise on the display side of the system.

The Altinex transmitter and receiver combination have a built in IR channel that facilitates sending IR signals from the receiver (display side of the system) back to the transmitter (source side) to control the AV equipment. This handy feature enables one, for example, to change the TV channel while viewing the display, regardless of where the TV receiver unit is physically located. This feature simplifies setup and provides convenience when AV equipment is hidden out of sight. Additionally, an RS-232 connection is provided for bidirectional communication on both sides of the transmitter / receiver system.

The MU500-112 receiver easily fits behind a monitor due to its small size and light weight—enabling integrators to easily hide the receiver from view, thus ensuring clean looking installations. The receiver’s metal construction and durable design provides reliable operation over a wide temperature range. The MU500-112 is powered by the Muse transmitter and provides both power and video to a display for a trouble-free installation.

Grant Cossey, Altinex Vice President of Sales, commented on the Muse HDMI+Power+RS-232+IR Transmitter and Receiver, “Muse is, without question, a brilliant new technology that will totally change the AV installation market as we know it today. With its ability to transmit power via the CAT-6 line, integrators retain far greater control over their projects—bypassing the complex running of electrical lines through walls—not to mention the building permits and inspections associated with this aspect of a project. This solution enables integrators to own the installation from start to finish. In addition to its significance as a solution for AV and digital signage applications, the Muse makes a terrific option for rental and staging operators—enabling them to access displays where, previously, running electrical was not feasible. I’m confident that Muse will have tremendous appeal to anyone involved in the commercial AV markets.”

The Altinex Muse HDMI+Power+RS-232+IR Transmitter and Receiver are fully compliant with HDMI and HDCP standards, is pending safety approval. Muse is slated to become available early Q3, 2013. MSRP pricing is as follows:

• MU400-111 transmitter: $595.00
• MU500-112 receiver: $395.00

About Altinex
Founded in 1993, Altinex, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Signal Management Solutions®. The company offers a line of switchers, extenders, distribution amplifiers, furniture connectivity products, and control solutions. Altinex is a USA based ISO 9001:2008 certified corporation that conducts R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and marketing from its corporate headquarters in Brea, California. For additional information, visit the company online at or contact them directly at 1.800.ALTINEX or 714.990.2300.