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AmberFin Announces AudioTools Server as Strategic Best in Breed” Addition

AmberFin reports the addition of ATS as software QC tool for their Unified Quality Control platform

MINNETONKA, MN — Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc. (MASI), a leader in production software for motion picture, broadcast surround sound and consumer electronics applications, reported today that AmberFin has added MASI’s AudioTools Server (ATS) as a new, automated QC tool to their Unified Quality Control or UQC Server, part of their enterprise iCR platform. UQC plug–ins enable users to specify an optimum combination of software tools for a specific QC task, including Minnetonka Audio’s expert audio processing, from a select group of specialized vendors and products. From within AmberFin UQC, users can now select AudioTools Server from a broad range of ‘best of breed’ QC systems. This provides audio-specific processing tools from Minnetonka Audio integrated on the unified UQC platform, with the result that all QC tools are available in a single user interface and timeline.

MASI’s AudioTools Server is a universal automation platform for audio processing that addresses enterprise requirements for scalability, adaptability, interoperability and redundancy. Its agility, versatility and fidelity–first approach has made ATS the reference audio automation platform for loudness control worldwide. AudioTools Server’s deep knowledge of Dolby E, Dolby Digital Plus and linear PCM also allows it to wrap QC functions within fully automated workflows that adapt to the differing requirements of long and short form content, along with modern, high dynamic range material and limited dynamic range archival works.

A key feature of AudioTools Server is its ability to go beyond QC to simultaneously hit multiple loudness management targets, including Maximum Short Term Loudness and Program Loudness, in addition to True–Peak Limiting and future requirements. ATS also offers exclusive Movie Adaptation, loudness processing that adjusts a wide dynamic range theatrical audio mix for broadcast, along with Audio Conforming which creates the best possible audio experience for diverse modern platforms such as OTT/web, mobile/handheld and VOD.

In 2010, the EBU recognized quality control as a key enabler for the media industry. The following year, it started an EBU Strategic Programme on Quality Control with the aim of collecting requirements and experiences while shaping recommendations for broadcasters implementing file-based QC workflows. Both AmberFin and Minnetonka Audio are participants in the EBU’s QC Group, with MASI’s involvement beginning in 2011.

“Broadcasters moving to file-based workflows really need to consider the use of automated Quality Control systems, as manual quality control is simply not adequate anymore and it just does not scale. Our Unified Quality Control platform with the addition of best of breed tools such Minnetonka Audio’s AudioTools Server can help broadcasters, facilities and content owners integrate EBU–approved QC strategies in their workflows. We’ve been long time partners of Minnetonka’s and we’re really happy to be able to include their technology into UQC,” stated Bruce Devlin, CTO at AmberFin.

Markus Hintz, Minnetonka Audio’s Director of Global Sales and Business Development, emphasized that QC is just one aspect of AudioTools Server’s broad audio expertise. “We are gratified that AmberFin regards AudioTools Server as a best of breed product,” Hintz said. “ATS’ ability for complex, nonlinear workflows, including comprehensive handling of ubiquitous formats from Dolby Labs, adds strategic QC and loudness management capabilities to the UQC environment.”

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An award–winning solutions provider for motion picture, video, broadcast, game, and optical disc production, Minnetonka Audio Software creates essential technology for the world’s top media professionals. Its revolutionary AudioTools Server is the file–based software alternative to hardware program optimizers, bringing expert audio automation to existing media production infrastructures. The AudioTools Server, SurCode, and discWelder product lines support the full array of audio codecs, file types, and standards for CD, DVD, BD, broadcast, and digital television. The company is the leading provider of professional OEM audio solutions as well as file–based QC and loudness control. Spanning more than two decades of operation, the Minnetonka, Minnesota–based company has a subsidiary in Germany and an international network of distributors and channel partners who share its commitment to quality and service. More information is available at

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