Amplified Wax Chooses New PhantomFocus™ HD-4002 High-Definition Monitor System

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– This continues a trend of PhantomFocus™ Systems installed in the state of Washington, while being the first to incorporate one of the new PFS nXp Series High-Definition and Ultra-High-Definition Precision Monitoring Instruments from Carl Tatz Design –

Nashville, TN: Carl Tatz Design (CTD) has recently installed one of its new PhantomFocus™ System (PFS™) nXp Series HD-4002 High-Definition Precision Monitoring Instruments systems at Amplified Wax in Spokane, Washington, which has become a beacon of high-quality production for many artists and bands in the Northwest region of the country. Engineer/producer and Amplified Wax studio owner Jimmy Hill had the PhantomFocus System on his radar for a long time after hearing one at The Blue Grotto, a CTD TEC Award-Winning PhantomFocus MixRoom™ in Nashville. However, he wanted to wait until he moved his studio to a new spacious location in downtown Spokane, so by the time construction was completed, the new series of PFS monitors had become available, and Hill chose the PFS nXp Series HD-4002 High-Definition Precision Monitoring Instruments system, which includes the value-added PhantomFocus eChair™. "Upon first listen I was blown away," says Hill, describing his initial PFS experience in his control room. "Each day since, I find myself excited to sit down and start mixing. Music should be an experience, not a technical battle between listener and technology. The PFS nXp HD-4002 totally removes that veil and reveals the truth. Although my experience with such a precision monitoring system has been brief, we are already producing some of our finest work." Hill, who owns the studio with his talented wife and business partner Mandy, is a hands-on engineer/producer who works very hard with each artist, gleaning out their vision of what they want to achieve without intruding into their art. A sort of 21st-century Ahmet Ertegun, his work is extraordinary, samples of which can be heard at Hill goes on to comment, "It's really an amazing thing. I have just produced a track with a very complex arrangement that included acoustic guitar, piano, vocals, background vocals, electric guitar, full choir, cello, electronic drums, aux percussion, and full drums. I could not have done it nearly as well without the clarity, power and precision that the PFS monitors provide. The mixes actually made the clients tear up. Thank you Carl."  Photo Caption 1: Pictured L-R: TEC Award-Winning studio Designer Carl Tatz and Amplified Wax producer/engineer and studio owner Jimmy Hill in front of the new PFS HD-4002 High-Definition Monitoring Instruments system