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and contact Chinese native have aptitude map

Maps and position service is mobile Internet application basis and core resources. As the third generation mobile communication network promotion commercial and the increasing louis vuitton outlet popularity of mobile lv bags intelligent terminal, mobile Internet application present explosive growth, location services in the entire industrial chain lv mobile Internet plays a foundation, core role has become the industry consensus, filthy rich apple is not exceptional also, in this louis vuitton apple global developers conference announced officially launched its own map service, and abandoned Google map.

In just provide louis vuitton handbags download upgrade iOS6 system, apple their map ZhenRong show, and louis vuitton outlet other regions of the world, apple map chose Chinese partners – gould, it for apple provide China map data service. It is worth noting that the Google map apple built-in before the China data is also provided by Scott.And Google map captive policy factors in China increasingly decline is different, full-fledged apple hope through the mobile Internet market in China as soon as possible points a cup of soup. Whether as a map information providers or direct as App in apple store, China’s map service enterprise also hope that with the aid of apple ecological system get market advantage.

The personage inside course of study introduces, because it involves the louis vuitton national security map, our country to foreign capital in China engaged in Internet map service to have the certain access restrictions. Related regulations, foreign enterprise to carry out business in China map, need to deploy in China transport d server and accept the supervision of the surveying and mapping bureau of geographic information, to obtain the Internet service qualification licence, and contact Chinese native have aptitude map data suppliers. Whether Google maps, apple or map, are not carried out in China surveying and mapping qualifications, so if you want to enter China, must buy Chinese louis vuitton handbags native diagram business map data.

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