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Angels & Airwaves Master “LOVE Part Two” at Bernie Grundman’s

Angels & Airwaves have finalized “LOVE Part Two” at Bernie Grundman’s with mastering engineer Brian “Big Bass” Gardner. The new album is the much anticipated follow-up to 2010’s smash “LOVE Part One” album. Founder Tom DeLonge describes the group as a multimedia art project, incorporating albums, films, live events, and a highly innovative approach to fan-artist interaction.

On hand for the mastering sessions were David Kennedy, guitar; Matt Wachter, bass; Tom DeLonge, vocals/guitar; and Critter, the band’s recording engineer.

For the half-decade of the band’s existence, they have established themselves as very prolific artists, having released three previous studio albums: “We Don’t Need to Whisper “(2006), “I-Empire” (2007), and “LOVE Part One” (2010). The group also filmed the documentary, “Start the Machine” (2008). In 2011, the group released their sci-fi movie “LOVE,” which incorporated music from the band’s albums, and was directed by William Eubank for release in 460 theaters nationwide.

“LOVE Part Two” will be released widely on November 8. Also available will be a box set of the two “LOVE” albums and movie.

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