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Anne Bisson Cuts Direct-to-Disk at Bernie’s

Charismatic Canadian jazz vocalist/pianist Anne Bisson has recorded her new album direct-to-disk at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood.

Michael C. Ross Records Live Audiophile Gem Through Trident Console

Pictured during playback in the cutting room are (L-R) chief technician Beno May, mastering engineers Scott Sedillo, Chris Bellman, and Bernie Grundman, recording artist Anne Bisson, and producer/recording engineer Michael C. Ross. Photo by David Goggin.

Charismatic Canadian jazz vocalist/pianist Anne Bisson has recorded her new album direct-to-disk at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood. “Four Seasons in Jazz” was co-produced with Bisson and recorded by Michael C. Ross. Mastering engineers for the album were Scott Sedillo, Chris Bellman and Bernie Grundman, alongside chief technician Beno May. Bisson was accompanied by her double bass player Jean-Bertrand Carbou and drummer/percussionist Pierre Tanguay. The album’s executive producers are Gary L. Koh of Genesis Advanced Technologies and Wuti Larnroongroj  of Brilliance Music & Studios.

“We’re recording the old-fashioned way,” says Michael C. Ross. “The musicians are out in Bernie’s spacious lounge area, which we converted into a recording studio with great microphones and acoustic treatment with gobos. The trio is playing live and I’m mixing it live and it’s going right to vinyl.” In addition to using Grundman’s proprietary technology consoles, Ross also used a portable Trident 88 console during the live session.

Anne Bisson first became known as a captivating and charismatic television personality, but in recent years she has been concentrating on music, her first love. A pianist since childhood, she won the prestigious Étoiles Du Maurier competition in 1984 thanks to two of her original compositions. Two years later, she sang the role of Cristal in a new version of the popular rock opera Starmania, which was created especially for the Festival d’été de Lanaudière (Quebec).

Bernie Grundman comments on the recording process for the new Bisson album, “Vinyl has had a big resurgence, but the audiophiles have always loved it. And with technological advances, it’s better than ever now. Here in our studios, we believe that the simpler it is, the better it’s going to sound, which has always been true. It’s difficult to make something without any losses, but with all of our careful connections and so forth, and the straight-through signal, we feel we’re going to get the most natural, best, highest quality sound going direct-to-disc, right from the performance while it is being mixed spontaneously. Everything is being done as you hear it and being cut right into the disc.”

In 2009, after more than 20 years of a successful and eclectic career, Bisson returned to her first love with a CD of her own musical creations, “Blue Mind,” which garnered widespread acclaim by jazz critics and fans alike. In 2011 she followed with “Portraits & Perfumes,” a collection of jazz standards with inventive arrangements, including an original cover of Pink Floyd’s “Us and Them”. In addition to hi-res digital files and CDs, Bisson also releases her music on highest quality audiophile vinyl LPs, as well as 15 ips reel-to-reel analog tape.

“Four Seasons in Jazz” will be released August 11, 2017 on the Brilliance Music & Studios record label, coinciding with the Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show. Learn more at:

The name Bernie Grundman is synonymous with Mastering.  His world-renowned facilities, responsible for a consistently large percentage of chart recordings, were launched in 1984.  In 1997, Grundman opened his Tokyo mastering studios and in 1998 relocated to expanded facilities in Hollywood. Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood operates six studios, including a 5.1 mastering room.  All processing devices can be completely bypassed, resulting in sonic quality that is unsurpassed in the mastering industry.  Virtually all digital and analog formats are accepted for mastering, with the facility providing high quality disk masters, and sub-masters for CD.  Grundman’s custom consoles are built in-house with all discrete electronics.