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Antelope Audio Expands Ecosystem of Authentic FPGA Vintage Product Emulations with Vintage Pack 2-0

Unlocking the Power of Antelope's Proprietary FPGA Technology, Antelope’s Latest Suite of Studio Tools Captures the Classic Sounds of Coveted Rack Units and Amps

Nashville, TN – Clocking, conversion and effects technology expert Antelope Audio has announced updates and additions to its collection of authentic digital recreations of classic vintage recording gear. The hardware-powered FX contained in Vintage Pack 2.0, which leverage Antelope’s proprietary FPGA engine, bring an even wider set of production tools to users of Antelope’s popular Orion Studio, Zen Tour and Goliath Thunderbolt interfaces. With hardware-based real-time processing, Antelope Audio’s FPGA effects technology allows users to process their audio with the speed and musicality of real hardware, while leveraging the speed and routing flexibility of digital effects.

Guitars that Really Rip
Antelope Audio has already established its prowess in guitar amp and cabinet simulations through its collaboration with Overloud Audio — which has since resulted in three head-turning versions of classic amplifiers. The Top30 captures the timeless sound of the British Invasion, from clean to crunch, just like the original vintage combo amp. The Darkface is a tribute to another classic amp of the 60s, delivering the heart of vintage rock, jazzy, country, and blues while preserving the natural tone of the guitar even at high volumes. Meanwhile, the Modern has all the gain you could desire on tap for searing leads and chugging rhythm parts, while retaining the musicality of the classic modern tube amp on which it’s based.

Currently, Antelope is expanding its offerings with no less than seven brand new simulations of classic British stacks, channeling the coveted high-gain, crunch, and clean sounds that defined the late 60s, 70s, and 80s. Antelope’s FPGA technology provides unprecedented responsiveness, making each of these amp and cabinet models sound more authentic than anything else on the market.

Shaping Your Sound with Analog Warmth
Following its recently announced partnership with leading vintage specification hardware manufacturer BAE Audio, Antelope has launched its first resulting digital product: the BAE Audio 1073 EQ, which is modeled on the classic 1073 preamplifer and EQ. This is the definitive recreation of a timeless piece of hardware that has left its indelible mark on countless records from the 70s to today. Now, Antelope introduces the [AP550A], which places the sound of this studio workhorse preamp and EQ at your fingertips. The [AP550A]’s 3-band EQ, with switchable filters and optional shelving behavior in the high and low frequency bands, makes it a multipurpose all-star for tracking and mixing, easily accessed from within your Antelope Thunderbolt interface.

These exciting hardware-powered FX join the already wide range of sounds achievable with Antelope Audio’s EQP AA and MEQ AA tube equalizer emulations. The EQP AA captures the quality and quirks of the studio-standard tube equalizer on which it is based, including the ability to boost and cut the same frequency for a unique sonic signature. The MEQ AA offers a whole new palette of sounds by offering two peak bands and a dip band to articulate your midrange with the tube warmth of a vintage rack unit. For mixers and engineers who require additional precision for surgical cuts and boosts, the VEQ-55 parametric EQ is the perfect tool to complement the EQP AA and MEQ AA. Boost key frequencies in your drums, bass, or guitar to add bite and presence, or cut offending frequencies to clean up your mix. This trio of powerful equalizers provides Antelope Audio hardware users a range of tools to shape sounds that sit perfectly in the mix.

Expanding the Rack with a Compressor
Fans of Antelope Audio’s FPGA emulations will be thrilled to unlock the power of a brand new vintage compressor emulation: the FET-76 compressor. Based on a legendary studio FET-based peak limiter, Antelope’s FET-76 — which captures the timeless essence of the original — imbues your audio with the unique smoothness and character that is present in the vintage hardware. Featuring 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, and 20:1 compression ratios, the versatile FET-76 works well in a range of applications, from vocals to drum busses and everything in between. Engage the legendary ‘all-buttons-mode’ for the extra grit and spank that made the original a must-have in every studio rack.

FPGA Processing: Only with Antelope Audio
Using a proprietary FPGA engine that Antelope has been developing for years, Antelope’s latest hardware is capable of real-time performance before the signal even reaches the DAW component. Vintage Pack 2.0 uses this proprietary FPGA circuit, built into all of Antelope’s latest hardware units, to apply effects that maintain the true feel and response of real hardware, working in real time without buffering. Since FPGA is an actual digital hardware processor, utilizing Vintage Pack 2.0 effects avoids the need for buffered plugins, which can add undesired latency and often artifacts to the sound.

“Vintage Pack 2.0 puts the tone shaping capabilities of an entire analog studio at your fingertips without the cost and fuss of purchasing or maintaining a rack full of vintage gear,” commented Marcel James, Director of U.S. Sales for Antelope Audio. “By combining the industry-leading performance of our clocking and conversion technology with the real-time effects capabilities of our FPGA engine, we are now giving Antelope Audio users all the firepower they need to create professional mixes in the box. And you don’t have to hire a studio technician.”

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