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APB ProDesk Teams With Soundworks For Gala Concert

When local Virginia singer/songwriter Pat McGee contracted Steve Payne and Soundworks for “Down the Hatch,� a special concert/party in the Regatta Ball-room of the Lowe’s Annapolis Hotel, he was hoping to get their large APB-DynaSonics Spectra-TI console.

Unfortunately, McGee didn’t have the budget for APB’s big board, a Soundworks favorite that “everyone loves because it sounds so good, is so intuitive and easy to use.�

Luckily, Payne also has a pair of APB ProDesks; the Spectra’s “baby brother� which has the “same wonderful correlation between what you hear and the tac-tile feel of the board. Like the Spectra, when you reach out and turn a knob, you hear the results instantly.�

ProDesk also made sense from a cost standpoint, as Steve explains: “It repre-sents less of a capital investment than the Spectra plus I don’t have to charge as much to make my money back. The ProDesk

lets me provide the client with the same quality that I do with a large console, but in a smaller, more cost-efficient package.

Asked about how the show with McGee and his 5-piece band turned out, Payne enthuses, “It went fantastic. I was the system tech and Pat had his own engi-neer, Paul Self. Paul had used the Spectra before and absolutely loved it. As it turned out, he ended up loving the ProDesk just as much.�

With a setup that included Turbosound Aspect speakers and Lab Gruppen amps, Soundworks used “ProDesk for FOH and Monitors on each end of the snake. Bryan Hargrave, Pat’s monitor engineer, loved it too. It’s no exaggera-tion to say how much people love and appreciate these desks.�
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