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APRS Hosts PenteoSurround 3D Audio at British Grove Studios

June 30 Demo of Proprietary Stereo-to-5.1 Conversion for Film, TV & Music

UK’s distinguished APRS (Association of Professional Recording Services) is presenting on June 30 a comprehensive demonstration of the PenteoSurround 3D Audio process at Mark Knopfler’s British Grove Studios in London. The APRS has invited major trade associations to the event, which is expected to draw many leaders from the UK film, TV and music community.

“It is a great honor for us to receive such unbridled enthusiasm for PenteoSurround by the APRS at one of the world’s finest recording studios, to which we have been invited so kindly by studio manager David Stewart,” commented Tom Allom, PenteoSurround’s Senior European Representative and renowned producer of such artists as Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Loverboy, Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart.

Demonstrations of film and TV with 5.1

audio converted from standard stereo will take place at British Grove, with 52-inch hi-resolution display and full Surround Sound. Attendees are encouraged to bring their favorite CDs for on-the-spot conversion to 5.1 audio.

“It all started when we did a demo for Dave Harries, who built Mark’s studio,” explained Allom. “An APRS director and former manager of AIR Studios, Dave has been a mainstay of the British recording scene for nearly four decades. He loved the Penteo demo and suggested we should hold a private event to let the UK hear for themselves.”

Those interested in attending may email Tom Allom : [email protected]

British Grove Studios, launched in 2005, was built for Mark Knopfler as “a monument to past and future technology.” Alongside modern technology, the equipment includes two EMI mixing consoles: a very rare tube desk from the 1960’s like the ones used by George Martin and The Beatles and a later console on which the album “Band on the Run” was actually recorded. The large console in studio one is a custom-made Neve 88R, while the console in studio two is an API Legacy. In 2009, the studio garnered the Music Producers Guild Award for ‘Best Studio’.

The Association of Professional Recording Services (APRS) promotes the highest standards of professionalism and quality within the audio industry. Its members are recording studios, post-production houses, mastering, replication, pressing and duplicating facilities, and providers of education and training, as well as record producers, audio engineers, manufacturers, suppliers and consultants. Its primary aim is to develop and maintain excellence at all levels within the UK’s audio industry.

PenteoSurround, Inc., based in San Francisco, California, has created cutting-edge technologies and services that convert any stereo audio into 5.1 surround sound, with automatic downmixing back to stereo. The company has developed proprietary, patent-pending technologies and applications that allow television, film, and music industry professionals to convert and deliver their stereo content and assets into superior-quality 5.1 surround sound automatically, setting a new standard in completely downconvertible, stereo-compatible 5.1 audio processing. Penteo is a registered trademark of PenteoSurround, Inc.

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