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ARAPOLARMIC 2.0 RELEASE for iOs and Android

Aratechlabs releases the expected version of Arapolarmic 2.0 with support for iOs and Android devices and will contain around 110 microphones in the miclibrary with the update 2.1 (july).

We hope audio engineers, instructors, students and musicians can give the best of themselves combining their skills and experience with the technical data that microphone manufacturers publish on their manuals. This can be done using our augmented reality technology in real microphone sets. Arapolarmic is a new concept of multibrand audio tool that displays the polar pattern of a microphone in real time to reinforce its positioning relative to their enviroment (to discard or reinforce a sound source). As it is pointed out by Cliff Castle of Audix Microphones in an interview in modern drummer, not only it is important to select the correct microphone but also its fine tune positioning. This is use case for Arapolarmic. 

“So you have the types, models, and number of microphones you want—that should be it, right? Wrong. Where you place the microphones can often be just as important as which models you use. “An inch to the right or left, or up or down,” he warns, “can make a huge difference in what the mic captures. Before you pull that mic off in favor of another, make sure you’ve experimented with placement first.” Cliff Castle – Audix microphones

That fits very well for recording studios, Audio Schools and musicians as some of our testimonials have remarked. For example, Greg Wurth, Attie Bauw, Kevin Becka, Jesse Vengrove, Leonardo Bruno and Emiliano Alborghetti reviews can be read in the home site:

” The Arapolarmic is a ground breaking iOS app that allows you to visually see a microphone’s polar pattern. With this technology I’ve been able to make greater mic placement choices that optimize leakage and phase. This is a must have tool for any recording engineer. ” Greg Wurth – Grammy Nominated Producer

Arapolarmic is also a micpedia which contains a database of microphones with their technical specs that is continuosly expanded with new microphone models from different manufacturers. The current launched versions 2.0 and 2.1 will contain more than 110 microphones and we keep working to include more microphones that manufacturers have sent us to our headquarters to be included in Arapolarmic.

Other uses for Arapolarmic are for musicians that have seen how this audio tool can help them improving their knowledge in microphone properties for using with instruments or voice.

Some other uses of Arapolarmic are for sales people in retail, exhibitions and workshops for explaining microphones properties, or for more comercial or sales oriented purposes.

One year later that the first version of Arapolarmic was launched we have been working in an improved and more reliable version of Arapolarmic (from a technological point of view) that contains a larger miclibrary with new brands as Neumann, Sennheiser and Microtech Gefell and around 50 new microphone models.

Thanks to all the innovators and early adopters customers of Arapolarmic and to all the debuggers that have been giving their feedback to improve Arapolarmic.

On july Arapolarmic 2.0 will be presented with:

  • A new  user interface,
  • An improved performance,
  • Support for Android and iOs platforms (iPad2, iPad3, iPad mini, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+.
  • Android >4.0.3 tablets and phones).
  • New brand included: Microtech Gefell.
  • around 15 new microphone models from AEA, AKG, Microtech Gefell, Violet Design and Lewitt, Beyerdynamic and Electro-Voice.
  • Free version for iOs, with new App Store options. Now it is possible to unlock specific microphone models not having to upgrade to LE or PRO.
  • Special launching price at 29,99 euros because Android version will be launched without inApp purchase system. We will mantain this special price till we publish the inApp purchase system for Android.

During july, Arapolarmic 2.1 update will be launched with:

  • 2 new manufacturers: Neumann, Sennheiser.
  • Around 35 new microphone models from Audix, Beyerdynamic, Audio-Technica, Neumann, Sennheiser.

Audix is going to publish a serie of 20 promotional videos where they show the properties of their microphones with Arapolarmic.

Who is using Arapolarmic in the world.

The Recording Studio (Boston – USA).

Patagonia Studio (Greg Wurth) (California – USA).

SAE Institute in Europe (around 28 schools).

Conservatorium Van Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

TheBlackBird Academy (Nashville – USA)

For more info please visit  Aratechlabs