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Ardent Studios Joins Trackster Guitar Re-Amping Global Network

Producer/Engineer Adam Hill Provides Renowned Memphis Sound

Pictured in Ardent's SSL Duality-equipped Studio C during a Trackster re-amping session are (L-R) studio founder John Fry and recording engineer/producer Adam Hill. On the left is a 1972 HiWatt Custom 100 DR103 amplifier with HiWatt SE4123 4x12 speaker cabinet and on the right a 1967 Fender Super blackface 4x10 combo amplifier. Microphones (L-R) are Electro Voice RE20, Neumann U67, Shure SM57, and Neumann KM86.

Memphis’ venerable Ardent Studios has joined the new Trackster online worldwide professional recording studio network. Trackster allows guitarists anywhere in the world to re-record their raw tracks through iconic and rare guitar amplifiers and mics in the unique rooms of the group’s studio partners.

Ardent producer/engineer Adam Hill is re-amping DI guitar tracks from customers who are looking for the distinctive vintage sounds that the studio is known for with artists ranging from Led Zeppelin to the White Stripes.

“I’m a guitar player myself,” says Hill, “and the sounds that have come from Ardent are among the finest ever recorded. ZZ Top, Big Star, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, B.B. King are just a few, and a lot of the gear they used is still here. We’ve got all kinds of cabinets, mic-pre’s and different sized speakers, even one of the original HiWatts that were bought in 1972 for Big Star.”

Ardent complements Trackster’s first service, TracksterTONE, which offers a world of guitar tones taking direct input DI tracks that are then re-amped through old school analog technology at any studio in the global online network. Adam Hill’s credits include work with guitarists such as Jack White, and the recent Big Star film documentary re-mixes from the original tracks that earned four stars in Rolling Stone.

“It’s a good partnership between Ardent and Trackster,” adds Hill. “We can record when there is off-time and the client gets to pick and choose which amps and cabinets we use, and even call for a clean sound or I can re-amp with a dirtier sound. They send us the performance they like and we send them back the re-recording through our vintage gear in the very same rooms where those legendary sounds were created.”

To hear DI guitar tracks sent to Trackster, then vintage amped and re-recorded in the historic rooms at Ardent Studios, visit:
Listeners can also compare analog re-amping with digiital emulation.

Hill see’s other advantages for the studio working with Trackster. “We are always trying to reach more artists that might not have heard of us,” he says. “There’s always the chance that they score a big hit with that re-amped guitar track and then come here to do some overdubs, a mix, or even an entire project.”

Memphis’ renowned Ardent Studios was founded by recording engineer John Fry in 1966 with the finest recording gear available at the time, a tradition that continues today with the latest in both analog and digital equipment. The studio has an impressive collection of vintage guitar amplifiers and it’s variety of guitar sounds has been a hallmark of the studio since its inception.

Artists that have recorded at Ardent over the years include Led Zeppelin, James Taylor, Big Star, Isaac Hayes, Booker T. and the MGs, ZZ Top, Cheap Trick, The Replacements, R.E.M., Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Cat Power, White Stripes, Bob Dylan, the Raconteurs and Smashing Pumpkins. Ardent’s passion for the music has translated into more than 75 gold and platinum albums and singles — and still counting.
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Trackster is an online worldwide professional recording studio network that allows guitarists anywhere to re-record their raw tracks through iconic and rare guitar amplifiers and mics in the unique rooms of the group’s studio partners. Trackster’s initial service, TracksterTONE, leverages recent bandwidth expansion to connect experienced recording engineers with tone hungry guitarists, using old school direct input/analog technology — no plug-ins.

In its initial guitar phase, Trackster has established a global online community that unites distant musicians with top engineers and studios worldwide. In the future, Trackster aims to expand to the creative re-amplification of a wide variety of instruments, including vocals, as well as exploring the creative synergy in its growing network of musicians, producers, recording engineers and studios worldwide.
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