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Ardent Studios in Memphis Now Offers Full ISDN Services

From left: Ardent Studios chief engineer Chris Jackson, studio founder John Fry, Emmy Award-winning film composer Scott Bomar, and studio manager Jody Stephens.

Photo: Anja Conrad

Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tenn., is now offering full ISDN audio services, making it possible for local clients to share real-time sessions with thousands of studios worldwide. The new service makes it possible for Ardent sessions to include musicians and vocal talent from around the world, and likewise for other studios worldwide to draw upon top Memphis talent and record in their own facilities.

“Our new ISDN and codec opens up a whole new world of possibilities for Ardent,” says studio founder John Fry. “With such a wealth of local talent, we are encouraging studios around the world to call on us for what we can offer. And we are also looking forward to our local clientele pulling in talent from around the world.”

ISDN, the acronym for Integrated Systems Digital Network, is a highly cost-effective means of linking up studios over long distances for sessions involving musicians, vocalists, and voiceover talent. Clients include ad agencies, film studios, and record companies, among others.

“Busy producers can run sessions remotely while auditioning in full quality,” explains studio manager Jody Stephens. “Another example of ISDN benefits might be a band set up here at Ardent doing a virtual nationwide press tour, giving all their interviews and ‘live’ performances without ever leaving the studio. Speaking from experience, that could turn an exhaustive promotional project into a really pleasant experience.”

“A producer can listen in real time to a performance,” says chief engineer Chris Jackson. “We send over the Internet a Pro Tools session for the talent and then listen in over ISDN in real time and make sure we are happy with the performance and sound. Then they send the files back to us over the Internet. Creativity can flow freely back and forth and the final recording is the highest quality available today.”

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