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Artificial Artificial Intelligence and FREE MAX/MSP Patches at Intelligent Devices

It’s Chris Mandra from Intelligent Devices.

I wanted to let you know that we put up a new blog posting about Artificial Artificial Intelligence over at the ID website called
Artificial Artificial Intelligence OR There’s Something about Randomness (acting on things with inherent structure)

(You may have heard of Intelligent Devices – we put out the critically acclaimed plug-ins MegaDelayMass, the 100 tap Delay, Slip-N-Slide: the Spectral Interpolator, and The Marshall Time Modulator now in a convenient, plug-in size)

The blog posting is about how applying random processes to linear, human involved events, in essence discretely serializing and presenting them, makes the processing seem “intelligent” – much in the same way that people feel that the “shuffle” function on the iPod isn’t actually random. Kind of about anthropomorphizing the inanimate.

I also wanted to let you know that related to that

blog posting, we’re giving away numbers two and three in our series of free MAX/MSP patches that work using the FREE MAX 5 Runtime along with a bunch of samples to get you started with this current round of mangling.

The first of this new round of giveaways is called “whatTheyLeft20CM” and allows a soundfile to be jumped thru ramdomly while being randomly effected by two copies of MegaDelayMassCM – the free, mono version of MegaDelayMass we created for Computer Music UK. (It’s a fully functioning version of MegaDelayMass, just mono, which is why I use two for processing set to different values to create stereo efx)

The second is called GPGCM: Gravitas Phrase Generator -which stands for Gravitas Phrase Generator, CM Edition, allows numbered soundfiles to be played randomly, and effects them randomly as well using two instances of MegaDelayMassCM

Additionally, it allows the sound files to be looped, have a random amount of time between files being played, randomized panning and randomized speed and direction of the looped soundfiles.

I called it the Gravitas Phrase Generator because I’ve been using it for years to string together 60+ words said 3 different ways creating continuous phrases, and the results sound rather dramatic and intentional, hence Gravitas. (also – Rene Wassenburg, my friend who’s voice is heard on the included samples, sounds like he’s got a lot of gravitas:)

The FREE GPGCM bundle includes 165 samples, the patch, and a FREE copy of MegaDelayMassCM

The FREE whatTheyLeft20CM bundle includes the patch, a sample of a conversation between me and my 3 year old daughter to jump thru, and a FREE copy of MegaDelayMassCM

So, please go take a look at the posting, and download yourself some free stuff.

Thanks, and have a great week!


Chris Mandra
Product Specialist
Intelligent Devices