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Arturo Sandoval Duets with Stevie Wonder at United

Stevie Wonder joined trumpet legend Arturo Sandoval for a new track at United Recording for Sandoval's upcoming duets album.

Cavalcade of Stars Performing Their Hits with Producer Gregg Field

Pictured in United’s Studio A control room are (L-R) producer Gregg Field, trumpet virtuoso Arturo Sandoval and Stevie Wonder. Photo by David Goggin.

Stevie Wonder joined trumpet legend Arturo Sandoval for a new track at United Recording for Sandoval’s upcoming duets album. At the helm of the project is multi-Grammy winner and 2010 “Producer of the Year” Gregg Field, who says, “The genesis of the album is that after having worked with Arturo on two very successful previous albums, we were searching for something to take it even further.”  

Trumpeter, pianist and composer Sandoval has won ten Grammy Awards and been nominated nineteen times; he has also received six Billboard Awards and one Emmy Award. In 2013, President Barack Obama presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The nearly complete album began in 2015 and has taken Sandoval and Field to recording studios all over the world. Field continues, “I realized that Arturo has guested on a lot of ‘Pop’ stars albums and proposed the idea of inviting some of those artists to do reimagined versions of one of their hit’s as a duet with Arturo. I pitched it to Universal Latin and they loved the idea.”

Stevie Wonder’s contribution to the duets album is “People,” on which he sings and plays chromatic harmonica. Other artists joining Sandoval include Placido Domingo, Pharrell, Josh Groban, Prince Royce, and on his final recording, Al Jarreau. A special interpretation of ABBA’s “Andante, Andante” brought Anni-Fria Lyngstad out of retirement. Field explains, “I have been wanting to get my dear friend Frida to come out of retirement for 10 years. She finally agreed and the track sounds like a 2017 version of ABBA. The band’s fans have heard that Frida has recorded again and they are going crazy waiting to hear the track.”

Seen discussing the Stevie Wonder track are (L-R) recording engineer Don Murray, producer Gregg Field, and Arturo Sandoval. Photo by David Goggin.

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