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Ashly Audio Introduces 11 New Products at InfoComm 2019 furthering Integrated and Connected Solutions

Ashly Audio is unveiling 11 new products at InfoComm 2019 (booth #6374) that are the result of purposeful innovation focused on delivering selling solutions and improving the user and integrator experience with professional audio.

The new solutions include the mXa-1502 Mixer Amp, CA and FA Series of Amplifiers, which work for multiple types of integrations, and AquaControl™ software that powers truly innovative Ashly solutions.

“Through the first half of this year we’ve made new product announcements with the caveat that it was just the tip of the iceberg,” said Noel Larson, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Ashly Audio. “But even as we introduce a robust 11 new products at InfoComm 2019 I still must add that this is still just the tip of the iceberg! What we’ll have on display at InfoComm 2019 are integrated products, which bring multiple capabilities into a single RU, as well as offerings that complete selling solutions for our key vertical markets, such as with the new amplifier offerings as well as an amazing new control software in AquaControl. Bottom line, it is a great time to be partnered with Ashly.”

mXa-1502 Mixer Amp

Ashly Audio’s new mXa-1502 Mixer Amp is a completely integrated product bringing four zones of mixing and DSP, plus 2 x 150W of power and programmable mic preamps and a complete DSP suite – all made simple in a single, compact, elegant rack-mountable unit.

The design highlights Ashly’s belief that integrated products – combined with simplicity in installation and use – is critical for contractors in today’s installation market.

The mXa-1502 is primed to help integrators win more clients among the small- and medium-sized business, especially in the sectors of retail, hospitality, and house of worship. Integrators can easily perform system configuration and deliver long-term service thanks to the mixer amp’s built-in web server, which offers a web-based control platform. If an end user requires assistance, an integrator could first login to the controls remotely online before rolling a truck out to the site.

Further, the control system, AquaControl, doesn’t require extensive tutorials or workshops to master. No need to spend a week in class in order to certify a system. Ashly has put a focus on ensuring the most intuitive interface ever, with different levels of control for both the beginner user and the integrator.

CA Series Power Amplifier line

Ashly Audio’s new CA Series Power Amplifier line brings a whole new, highly-efficient Class D design to an all new customer. The line also introduces exciting new capabilities that are critical to installers and end users alike. The new CA Series features six models – three two-channel models and three four-channel models – that come in 500-Watt, 1,000-Watt and 1,500-Watt per channel (@ 4 Ohms) versions. The CA Series is also designed for stable operation @ 2 Ohms and 70V.

Each unit incorporates Ashly’s D-MAX technology, which allows for ultimate efficiency and reliability – including proprietary power supply design and energy management systems, as well as an advanced control system implementation. Dynamic Power-Factor Correction adds a level of intelligence to power utilization efficiency by accurately tracking fluctuations in current, rather than just sampling at the peaks. Also, new SailFlow cooling design brings a bi-lateral air-cooling system that maintains a low operational temperature.

These new technologies – combined with installer-friendly Euroblock and XLR combo connectors – make the CA Series Power Amplifier line a perfect fit for integration in the education, house of worship, sports, retail and restaurant spaces.

FA Series Power Amplifier line

The FA Series Power Amplifier line defines power density. Two half-RU versions come in four-channel (4 x 125W) or two-channel (2 x 125W) configurations. A 1RU is also available in a four channel (4 x 250W) configuration.

All three amplifiers are convection cooled and are Energy Star rated. This provides high levels of versatility in a compact solution – adding the ability to place the amplifiers in atypical spaces: such as on walls or under desks.

AquaControl™ Software

A key display at the Ashly booth (#6374) is the new AquaControl software that will power future Ashly solutions. The software was built to be extremely intuitive and straight-forward, allowing anyone to use it without days of training. Further, the software is browser-based so it works on any browser-enabled device without an app being necessary. Combined with the new line-up of web-enabled products, it saves time and costs for both the integrator and end user – all while opening up the opportunity for ongoing service contracts that allow more effective, long-term support.

“If you look at everything going on at Ashly Audio right now, you can start to fill in the picture for where we are headed with the new offerings,” Larson said. “We’re introducing products that offer integrated experiences, and which can be fully deployed using Ashly solutions and tools. We often hear that piecing systems together can be problematic – and to alleviate that pain we are making sure we have exactly what integrators and end users need to achieve success in professional audio.”

For more information visit Ashly Audio at booth #6374 at InfoComm 2019 or online at