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Prestigious Army College Trusts Ashly Audio for Sensational Sound at Ceremonies

When one of the U.S. Army’s most impressive collegiate institutions looked to improve its ceremonies recognizing newly minted command staff, the solution it turned to was Ashly Audio.

Among the many uses the United States Army Command has for Fort Leavenworth is to house one of its premier academic academies: The Command and General Staff College (CGSC). The mission of CGSC is to prepare military members for command. All Army Majors attend the college’s Command and General Staff School, and some attend specialty coursework for Advanced Military Studies or within the School for Command Preparation – which prepares Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels and Command Sergeants Majors for Battalion and Brigade levels of command.

The facility the college is housed in is as impressive as those who graduate from the school. The Lewis & Clark Center is a 413,000 square-foot facility featuring cutting edge technology. It also features ornate woodwork, and an impressive three-story foyer where ceremonies for the graduating students are held.

“The challenge was that the foyer was never explicitly designed to host ceremonies,” said Aaron Alt, Federal Channel Manager at Mission Electronics. “The different types of surfaces, the big open space in the foyer, the multiple angles, it all caused the audio to come off really poorly during the presentations.”

Mission Electronics is a premier Audio Video systems designer and integrator based in Lenexa, Kansas – a suburb of Kansas City – and was tasked with making fundamental improvements to the A/V system, including the audio system and the projector, that would allow the ceremonies held in the foyer feel more impressive. To complicate the matter was the impressive woodwork adorning the halls – the additions needed to complement or improve the space.

“We came up with some really unique solutions,” Alt said. “There were wood casings that held historical tributes to military personnel. We managed to custom build speakers into those casings without ruining the look and feel. We made a point to really improve the space as a whole and make it work perfectly for them.”

To ensure things worked perfectly with the system’s controls, Mission Electronics trusted Ashly’s digiMIX18 + Dante-3018 module at the heart of the integration.

“One of the requests from the Army was to manually mix and control audio in the space,” Alt said. “When we considered that need, we knew we were going to land on Ashly. The manual mixers are an intuitive addition that allow anyone to quickly make manual adjustments. Ashly also offers full bi-amplification capabilities, is rack mountable, and can keep everything on the network using Dante by Audinate. The Ashly solutions ticked every box we had.”

The integration comprised of 31 speakers, eight microphone inputs, a digital source switcher, and a digital network server. The digiMIX18 worked seamlessly with every component, and offered local control across multiple zones in the facility – including the foyer.

“The client was very pleased with the result,” Alt said. “When you have a big project like this, with an expectation that things look and operate specifically, you want to make sure you’re perfect. Ashly was a key component to that.”

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