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Niche US Rep Firm Partners With Master Audio Equipment Manufacturer

SEATTLE, WA – Audio Agent LLC has been appointed representatives for Lipinski Sound Corporation. LIPINSKI, who designs and manufactures in Warsaw, was established in Bethesda, Maryland. The company makes time-tested analog equipment adhering to a new level of sonic standards set forth by the discerning ear of engineer producer, Andrew Lipinski. Their loudspeaker and amplifier systems have found global success in top recording and mastering studios. Pro-audio rep firm, Audio Agent, will now work with US dealers to expand the manufacturer’s nationwide exposure.

LIPINSKI Executive Director, Lukas Lipinski, explained, “The discerning Ear of Andrew Lipinski made possible a new, high-resolution standard for pro-audio equipment. In Audio Agent we found a learned partner who will best disseminate Andrew Lipinski’s story to professionals looking for the next level of reference. We are very excited at the partnership and are working

to build the market together.�

“LIPINSKI already stands in a class of its own, â€? exclaimed Audio Agent’s Southern US director, Pepper Denny. “I’m happy to say that we’re beginning this relationship with some instant success stories. Early reaction among our customers has been very positive. Recording and mastering professionals simply want music to be faithfully reproduced – Lipinski speakers, amps and now, mic pres and compressors, deliver just that. We’re constantly looking for the best possible audio experiences and Lipinski technology raises the bar a bit further.”

About Audio Agent
Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with office in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville and Austin, Audio Agent is comprised of industry veterans including David Christenson, Blue Wilding, Pepper Denny, Dave Casey, Adrian Peritore and Eric Boyer.

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