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Miami, FL – August 2008… D.A.S. Audio USA is pleased to announce that Suffern, NY-based Audio Duran has taken delivery of an Aero system consisting of twelve CA-28A line array elements and six CA-215A subwoofers. Servicing the Latino community throughout the New York – New Jersey – Connecticut tri-state area, Audio Duran focuses on special events, corporate industrials, and festivals. The transaction was handled by D.A.S. Audio authorized dealer Musically Yours and salesman Kenny Valdez of Hackensack, NJ.

As Audio Duran handles a wide range of events, the company was looking for a system that offered the sound quality and features that would enable them to deliver top notch audio—quickly and easily. As a self-powered system, both the Aero CA-28A line array elements and the CA-215A subwoofers make truck pack easier while making set up and tear down faster, as Duran explained.

“The fact that this entire system is self-powered is a huge time saver for us,� says Duran. “We no longer have to transport the additional weight of separate powers amps, which makes for a lighter load and less space in the truck. Likewise, since the power modules are built right into the back of the enclosures, system cabling is also considerably easier and faster. I also love the fact that there’s a rain flap over the power module on the rear of each enclosure. This is a really thoughtful feature to protect the electronics in the event of rain—because you can’t always cover the equipment as fast as you’d like to.�

“I was also very impressed with D.A.S. Audio’s rigging hardware,� continued Duran. “Everything is self-contained for each enclosure, so we really don’t have to worry about parts getting misplaced. The system goes together quickly. Two guys can easily fly this rig and, once it’s up there, it looks terrific.�

Of course, the most important aspect of any sound reinforcement system is its sound quality and, here too, the D.A.S. Aero system doesn’t disappoint. “The Aero CA-28A’s are a great sounding system,� notes Duran. “The music reproduction capability of these boxes is first rate and I was particularly impressed with their performance on dialog. Speech intelligibility is outstanding. Everything sounds clear and natural.�

Duran was equally impressed with the CA-215A subwoofers. “I previously purchased four Aero 218A 2K subwoofers, so I was already very familiar with the performance attributes of D.A.S. Audio subwoofers,� said Duran. “My new CA-215A’s have a deep, full bottom sound that really does a great job of reinforcing the low end. These cabinets move a heck of a lot of air, but it’s not just a low end ‘thump’ type of sound. There’s real definition to these the sound these enclosures produce.�

Audio Duran recently provided sound reinforcement for the Colombian Independence Day Festival in Hackensack, NJ on July 20th. With over 50,000 people in attendance enjoying the music of six different bands plus a DJ, Duran reports the system did a phenomenal job. “For this event,� said Duran, “we flew eight CA-28’s per side, with some additional 28A’s supplied by Musically Yours to augment our own equipment. Combined with three CA-215A subs per side and an Aero 218A 2k in the lower front of the stage area, this system sounded incredible. I was really impressed with the system’s long throw capabilities and its wide, even dispersion. No matter where I listened from, the sound quality was clear, strong, and even.�

Before turning his attention back to some upcoming events that required his attention, Duran offered this closing thought on his new D.A.S. system. “D.A.S. Audio builds great sounding, rugged, equipment that travels well and is easy to fly. In my opinion, their equipment is very competitively priced, and the customer support from both my dealer (Musically Yours) and the support staff in Miami is first rate. For me, that translates to proven ROI (return on investment) and, in my business, that’s the bottom line.�

For additional information about Duran Audio, contact the company at 845-659-1343. To learn more about Musically Yours, visit the company online at

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