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Audiofile Engineering Releases Quiztones for Mac

Audiofile Engineering in Minneapolis is offering its Quiztones application for Mac (available from the Mac App Store for $19.99) as well as an update to the iOS version for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (available through iTunes for $4.99). Quiztones is an innovative ear training application designed to help audio professionals and musicians accomplish better mixing, recording and live sound.

Quiztones uses quizzes to engage users in training exercises from frequency tones to EQ boosts/cuts on pink noise, instrument loops, and songs in a user’s music library. Quiztones trains the ears to instantly and intuitively recognize frequencies, which is useful for tasks like mixing, adjusting EQ settings, and identifying and eliminating feedback.

Previously available only for iOS, Quiztones is now available for Mac. The Mac version offers similar features as the iOS version, including more than 40 quizzes, but with the addition of a score log and 1/3-octave quizzes included in the purchase price.

Quiztones iOS has been updated to Version 1.6 and now offers an Expert Mode of 1/3-octave quizzes (available as In-App Purchase) designed to challenge even the most accomplished audio professional. This new version also includes bass, electric guitar, strings, and orchestra content in the purchase price, previously only available via In-App Purchase. Finally, Version 1.6 includes a native iPad interface to make the best use of the larger display.

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