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AudioGraph International Endorses Avastor

Educator Jose “Chilitos” Valenzuela Recommends the HDX-800

Pictured at AudioGraph International are (Standing L-R) Avastor VP Richard Wilson, instructor Bobby Fernandez, students Robert Walser, Chris Allen, and Michael “Indijinouz” Garcia. Seated (L-R) are Jose “Chilitos” Valenzuela holding the Avastor Lockbox, students Billy Yates, Marques Wyatt, and Kevin “Krash” Lauer. Photo by David Goggin

Santa Monica, CA, November 2007 – Jose “Chilitos” Valenzuela is celebrating the 15th Anniversary of his AudioGraph International training center. A mixing engineer, author, educator, and magazine editor known throughout Latin America for bringing his understanding and practical training in ProTools, he also publishes in English and is now offering a wealth of cutting edge bilingual training courses at his studios in Santa Monica.

Valenzuela endorses Avastor hard drives, especially the triple interface HDX-800, for all of his courses in Music Production, Post-Production, Digital Sound Editing, Sound FX Design and DVD/CD Mastering. “We use Avastor drives in all of my ProTools certification courses,” he explains. “Students get the opportunity to use them and experience first hand a drive that can withstand rigorous sessions and provide a workhorse reliability that is consistent and dependable.”

Bridging the audio gap between the U.S. and Latin America, AudioGraph International has expanded to include technical translation services, and recently launched a new production company designed to produce Spanish/English musical projects as well as offering soundtrack/commercial scoring and post-production services.

“In addition to my courses offered here at our Santa Monica headquarters, I travel all over North and South America as a guest lecturer,” Valenzuela explains. “We have found that the internal auto-sensing power supply works worldwide and Avastor‘s LockBox cases are the best for shipping and for carrying valuable data. The integrity of the drives is amazing.”

The AudioGraph studios are equipped with the latest in state-of-the-art digital recording equipment, including software sequencers (Reason, Cubase, Logic , and Digital Performer), and five Pro Tools HD-2 and HD-3 systems with a large number of Plug-Ins and DSP power, as well as hardware signal tube processors, suitable for large mixing and recording projects. The facilities also include the Pro Control, the HUI, MIDI synthesizers, MIDI samplers, all formats of digital recording machines, synchronizers, 3/4″ VTR, digital video capture cards, digital and analog mixing boards, and digital and analog signal processors among other recording equipment. Audiograph has a number of composers, arrangers, musicians and engineers available upon request, articulate in both English and Spanish.

Avastor offers one of the most comprehensive lines of external hard disk products, including over 20 configurations of drive interfaces and capacities for virtually every audio and video application.

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