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Audionamix Introduces XTRAX STEMS 2 at AES NY 2018

NEW YORK, OCTOBER 10, 2018Audionamix, the global leader in audio source separation, debuts XTRAX STEMS 2 at AES NY 2018 (Booth 504H). With the latest updates to XTRAX STEMS, the world’s first fully-automatic stem creation solution, producers and DJs can further enhance their creative processes. The software’s newest features include a faster, advanced algorithm, higher-fidelity drum processing and a fully-adjustable, real-time separation balance matrix with presets. These updates provide heightened separation ability for live sets, mashups and remixes.

XTRAX STEMS automatically separates songs into three parts: vocals, drums and remaining music. Its simple workflow is optimized for DJs and remix artists looking to separate songs into stem components for easy remixing, sampling and a cappella creation. XTRAX STEMS 2 is equipped with an advanced algorithm offering 30 percent faster stem isolation. The faster advanced algorithm also dramatically improves separation quality, particularly when creating backing tracks and separating lead, background and harmony vocals into a single stem. Drum stems will also benefit from improved, higher-fidelity processing. This increased separation quality also reduces drum interference in vocal and music stems, meaning with XTRAX STEMS 2, all separated stems are much cleaner.

Users can fine-tune and optimize these improved, higher-quality stems using the new, real-time separation balance feature. Intuitive presets are optimized for creating a cappella, drum and backing tracks for any original piece, remix or live show element. Producers can also achieve custom balance using the fully-adjustable matrix. Separations can be exported as individual WAV files or in Native Instruments’ STEMS file format.

“XTRAX STEMS 2 elevates our core stem creation solution with improved algorithms, faster processing speed, and higher quality results, which can be optimized further with the new separation balance tools,” says Maciej Zielinski, CEO of Audionamix. “AES NY is the perfect avenue to demonstrate our latest audio isolation advancements for the first time to the DJ and music producer community.”

The software is compatible with both Windows (7 SP1 – 10) and Mac (10.12 – 10.14) operating systems. Current XTRAX STEMS customers can download XTRAX STEMS 2 as a free update. New customers can enjoy a $20 discount from the release day on October 22 through October 28, 2018. The normal cost for XTRAX STEMS is $99 for a perpetual license.

About Audionamix

Since 2003, Audionamix has established itself as the global leader in audio source separation. The company has developed the revolutionary, patented ADX Technology, and continues to pioneer audio solutions for the film, broadcast and music industries. Built on advanced signal processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, ADX Technology aims to find and extract specific elements within a mix without affecting the rest of the information within. Audionamix has demonstrated technical expertise in isolating and separating speech, vocals, drums and melody from master recordings to empower producers, engineers and artists to create exciting new productions, and unlock television and movie assets for worldwide distribution. For more information, please visit

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