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Audionamix Unveils Revolutionary New ADX TRAX Audio Separation Software at AES

  Audionamix, the leading technology and services company pioneering advancements in audio source separation, will preview its new, cloud-based ADX TRAX software for vocal and instrumental audio separation here at booth #2664 at the 135th AES Convention, from October 18-20 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York. ADX TRAX separates full mixes into two audio files: a vocal track and its accompanying music track. This innovative software will help audio engineering professionals, producers, musicians, mixers, and students achieve superior vocal isolation for a number of creative applications. The company plans to release ADX TRAX by the end of the year.

“ADX TRAX software is built upon our proprietary ADX Technology, which has been hailed by audiophiles as a game changer, and sought after by major motion picture, television and music studios, as well as post production facilities, for its proven results,” says Rick Silva, VP of Production and Product Manager, Audionamix. “We’ve been asked for years if our technology is available as software, and now with ADX TRAX, we’re beginning to put some our technology’s power into the hands of the pro audio community.”

ADX TRAX is designed to offer audio professionals a time-saving vocal separation solution. By leveraging the computer processing power of the cloud, ADX TRAX automates the process of separating vocals from a mixed music track, significantly diminishing an otherwise tedious manual task. The software is unique in that it performs separations on mono, as well as stereo and multichannel recordings. It is also compatible with multiple file formats, bit depths and sample rates.

Intuitive navigation and editing tools make it easy for professionals to realize their vision. ADX TRAX is non-destructive technology that retains the integrity of the original source elements, enabling repeated refinements to achieve the ideal results. Specific to the software, ADX TRAX provides users with a vocal volume control feature. This is an extremely valuable option when lead vocal levels of a mixed music track need to be adjusted for various commercial applications.

“ADX TRAX brings to market a groundbreaking professional application that is user-friendly,” adds Silva. “We think the industry will find ADX TRAX an innovative tool to obtain quality results faster than ever before, unleashing the user’s creativity in stunning new ways.”

ADX TRAX is a client and cloud-based audio editing software designed for MAC OS (10.6 or later).

Audionamix continues to offer its advanced technical services for customers needing extremely refined audio separation and isolation solutions that require the absolute best quality. The company’s team of experts has been solving a variety of complex audio challenges for content owners, creatives, and technicians in the film, broadcast, and music industries for years. Beyond vocal and instrumental separation, Audionamix provides dialogue isolation, stem separation, music dissociation, and much more.

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