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A-16II Personal Mixers Used In-House and Off-Site for Annual GodChicks Conference

HOLLYWOOD, NOVEMBER 4, 2010 — After years of being known as one church with two locations, the members of California’s Oasis Church decided to vacate its Beverly Hills address and permanently settled into its 600-seat Hollywood location. In doing so, the church audio team found the perfect reason to upgrade the audio system with an Aviom Pro16® Personal Mixing System (WFX Booth 1220). Now, the church is ready for both on-location and off-site celebrations, including the church’s annual GodChicks Conference that takes place in Pasadena, CA.

For Oasis Church Technical Coordinator, Daniel Rivera, the biggest factor in choosing the Aviom personal mixing system was the need to change the theater’s aesthetics and to lower the stage volume. He also wanted a system that could accommodate the 60 musicians who share the stage at any given time.

“The Aviom personal mixers have given each musician the flexibility and control to create their own custom preset,� says Rivera. “They can each handle all of the monitor settings and can even recall them, which has eliminated our need for a separate monitor engineer.�

This permanent site now hosts an Aviom personal mixing system consisting of an A-16D Pro Distributor, which routes audio from an Aviom16/o-Y1 card installed in a Yamaha PM5D console to several A-16II Personal Mixers, controlled on-stage by up to 60 members of the rotating house bands. The Oasis Church musicians use the Aviom A-16II Personal Mixers to control the mix they hear in their Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors.

In addition to six weekly worship services, Rivera relies heavily on the Aviom gear during the church’s annual GodChicks Conference. Held during the summer and hosted by Oasis Church lead pastor Holly Wagner, the two-day conference caters to female worshippers of all races, ages, backgrounds and walks of life.

For Rivera, the simplicity of the setup and tear down of the Aviom personal mixing system was an added incentive in purchasing the gear. Since the system runs off a single Cat-5 cable connected to the mixers, his team no longer has to tow a monitor console, amplifier rig, 200 pounds of cable and 14 wedges for the GodChicks Conference and other outside church events. Instead, he packs his A-16II Personal Mixers in a few small cases and is set up within an hour.

“It’s a breath of fresh air to tote around three cases as opposed to an entire monitor rig, which is just massive,� says Rivera. “From now on, I will not do a portable church without Aviom.�

Oasis Church was founded by Lead Pastors Philip and Holly Wagner over 25 years ago as an at-home bible study group, which originally consisted of 10 people. Today, it is an innovative, diverse church (with 70 percent of the population under the age of 30 years), known for its social justice work in caring for HIV/AIDS orphans and building clean water wells in developing nations.

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