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BUDERIM, QUEENSLAND — An Aviom Pro16® personal mixing system is helping to make the launch of Queensland, Australia’s latest recording studio, Heliport Studios, a successful one. Incorporated as part of the studio’s cue system, the Aviom personal mixers provide the musicians a customized cue mix while offering the studio’s engineering staff flexibility of setup.

Located on a Sunshine Coast mountain in 56 acres of tropical rainforest overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Heliport Studios not only offers recording artists inspiring views, it also presents them with the latest in recording technologies. Along with the Aviom personal mixers, the studio hosts the only commercially-available Solid State Logic Duality console in the country. Since the facility features five recording spaces consisting of a large drum/live room, a vocal/instrument room, a tube room, an acoustic room and a vocal booth, it required a cue system with the flexibility to meet the different needs of the musicians that record there. As studio Producer and Engineer Allan Pease explains, the Aviom personal mixers were the right choice for Heliport Studios because both engineers and musicians get the customization they desire.

“The Aviom personal mixers are quick and simple to use, and once you know how to set them up, it’s a breeze to make them do what you want. Every artist loves them, without exception,” says Pease. “We recently hosted a five-piece band and once we were set up and the studio was ready to track, it only took about 15 minutes in total to get the artists acquainted with the Aviom units. For the rest of the session we never heard ‘can I get a bit more vocal’ or any other such requests, yet everyone was happy with their headphone mixes.”

The studio has seven Aviom A-16II Personal Mixers, which can be adapted to various setups from all seven in the large live room, to one in each recording space, to any combination in between. For a typical monitoring setup, 16 of the 24 bus outs from the Duality are fed into the 16 channels of an Aviom AN-16/i Input Module. From there theAN-16/i sends mix stems to the A-16IIs via Cat-5 cable. Channel assignment is done within the Duality’s routing matrix where, with the touch of a few buttons, Heliport Studios’ engineers can route vocals, for example, into mix bus 1 which will then be available on the A-16II Personal Mixers.