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LEIPZIG, GERMANY, AUGUST 8, 2008—Last year, the German rental company Veranstaltungstechnik Linke e.K. from Leipzig utilized an Aviom Pro64® digital multicore system in its “Classic Open� event as a replacement for their analog multicore system. This year, Aviom will make a repeat performance.

The annual ten-day event, presenting classical and popular artists in the historic city of Leipzig’s Market Square, puts heavy demands on both the equipment and the staff. Technical Director Peter Linke, who is managing the event for the fourteenth time this year, relies on the perfect sound quality, the impressively short assembly time and the stability and reliability in operation that the Aviom gear affords.

Aviom’s Pro64 digital multicore allows for redundant cabling for the critical audio transfer between the stage and the FOH. The 48 input channels on stage are derived from six Yamaha AD8HR preamplifiers, which feed the digital inputs of three Aviom 6416dio Digital I/O Modules. Utilizing two redundant streams of A-Net®, via two separate Cat-5e cables, the audio and control signals are transmitted to the FOH Yamaha M7CL digital console. Using three 6416Y2 A-Net Interface Cards for Yamaha installed in the console, the A-Net signals are fed directly into the console without the need for extra A/D converters. Not only do the 6416Y2 cards offer 16 input channels, additionally they provide 16 output channels for the return path from FOH to the main stage.

Aviom is the world leader and pioneer of personal monitor mixing technology with the popular Pro16® Series, as well as the exclusive developer of the revolutionary Pro64® Series of audio networking products. All Aviom products are powered by A-Net®, the company’s groundbreaking high-speed digital audio transmission protocol. Aviom products solve problems in a variety of different environments, including live sound reinforcement, audio recording studios, houses of worship, theater, broadcasting and post-production facilities and a host of commercial installations. Aviom’s entire line of high-quality professional audio products is designed and manufactured in the USA.