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MOREHEAD, KENTUCKY, MARCH 14, 2011—Since its commencement in 2008, Crosspoint Church and its worship band knew that as a portable church, it would require an audio system that not only provided good sound reinforcement but also one that was easy to set up and tear down on a regular basis. To provide customization of monitor mixes while minimizing the challenge of stage volume, Crosspoint selected six Aviom A-16II Personal Mixers

to do the job.

“Aviom is the main vendor that has a system compatible with our Yamaha LS9-32 digital console that allows for future expandability,� says Weylin Fairchild, worship leader at Crosspoint Church. In addition, Fairchild says the decision to go with Aviom allows the church to meet the time constraints of its Sunday morning schedule—setup in 30 minutes or less.

Held inside the Morehead Convention Center, just minutes away from Morehead State University, Crosspoint Church has grown to welcome more than 400 attendees each week. As the congregation has expanded, so has its contemporary worship band, Crosspoint Band, featuring the talents of local college students, teachers, parents, and others. Made up of about six to eight individuals who play for both services each Sunday, the band includes an acoustic guitar, electric guitars, bass guitar, drums, keys/piano, and typically two-to-three vocalists.

Using the Aviom personal mixers, members of Crosspoint Band are able to create their own customized mixes. “Aviom makes your musicians happy as they can make their own mixes, save them to be recalled later, and hear themselves. Aviom helps them perform at their best,� says Fairchild.

In addition to the Yamaha LS9-32 digital console equipped with an Aviom16/o-Y1 A-Net Interface Card, the band uses Shure SCL2 earphones with a few members using Fidelity Custom-Fit in-ear headphones. A 100ft Ethernet cable is run from the console to where a musician will plug in to his/her personal mixer. The band daisy chains one personal mixer to the next so that all band members receive a signal. Fourteen channels are routed as direct outs from the console to the Aviom A-16IIs and have two mix stems (drums) routed to the two remaining channels Fairchild reports there is no noticeable latency from the inputs patched from the LS9 to the Aviom equipment.

“Aviom allows for minimal stage noise which equates to a cleaner mix for the congregation and helps the band keep in sync with one another while playing with a click,� says Fairchild. “Aviom has reduced the technical details of having to run floor wedges, power amps, and large quarter-inch cable runs. Anyone who comes into the band just has to learn its simple setup process. In all, the reduced stage noise enhances the front of house sound—making each week an enjoyable service for attendees.�

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