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ROME, ITALY— Aviom’s Pro16 personal mixing system is taking center stage as part of the audio setup for one of Italy’s top variety programs, the “Fiorello Show.� While host Rosario Fiorello performs alongside some of Italy’s greatest performers for the show, which combines music and comedy sketches with audience interaction, the Aviom Pro16 personal mixing system is right there to ensure that the house band never misses a beat.

The ever changing elements of the program create a consistent testing environment for the Aviom system. Faced with swift and constant changes, the Pro16 equipment, supplied by Italian Aviom distributor, Sisme spa, allows the monitor engineer to easily and effectively provide customized mixes to the band’s nine members.

“I am impressed with the versatility and stability of the Aviom Pro16 equipment,� says Enrico Belli, monitor engineer for the “Fiorello Show.� “I love the sound and the ease with which I am able to set up the system. Since the musical format varies with each sketch, the nine A-16II Personal Mixers provide the musicians with the flexibility to adapt their monitor mix to each musical genre.�

The dual Aviom A16-D Pro A-Net Distributors, which feed the band’s nine A-16II Personal Mixers, receive signals from two D-16c A-Net cards installed in the mixing console, a Digico D5. Belli sends a stereo aux split to provide musicians with an overall mix, along with each individual instrument section to the appropriate musicians so they are able to make a more customized mix.

In addition to the rapidly changing musical formats, Belli has the difficult task of maintaining an audio system that is set up on a mobile stage where the band performs. Since the Aviom system is easily connected through Cat-5 cables, Belli is able to dramatically reduce the number of wires that run behind the mobile stage’s screens and props to the A-16II Personal Mixers.

“By using just two Cat-5 cables, I am able make a quick repair if something on stage comes unplugged,� says Belli. “With live TV you don’t get a second chance, so the Aviom system helps to ensure that even if something does happen, the band can still give a stellar performance.�